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aluminum tube (polishing)


Today, pipeline transportation has become a portable means of transportation. The role of pipes is often more complicated than we think. Different shapes of pipes determine the different roles of the pipes themselves. In terms of building materials and transportation channels, pipes are involved and play a pivotal role. However, the pipes of different application scenarios also have different requirements for materials. People have been trying to find a suitable material for casting pipes. So, which material is the most suitable? As a result, aluminum tube (polishing) appeared in people's sight for the first time. As a branch of Aluminum extrusions for industrial, aluminum tube (polishing) has been recognized by most manufacturers in this field. Due to the lightness and corrosion resistance of aluminum, pipes made of aluminum tube (polishing) can generally be applied in various scenarios. At the same time, special processing technology makes this product can be applied in a variety of environments. This is why aluminum tube (polishing) has gradually become an important material for contemporary pipeline production. If you want to know more about aluminum tube (polishing) and Aluminum extrusions for industrial, please contact us in time.

Machining processing:

We use these deep processing to maintain our products to meet the expectations of our customers. Therefore, the technologies we use, such as cutting size, drilling, adding mounting brackets, flange side plates, etc., are the process of product processing. Although the production process is very common, we innovate through production operations and do our best to satisfy customers’ demand.


Advantages for stuff:

  1.   The pipeline can be filled with various liquids and is not easy to be corroded.
  2.   The material is environmentally friendly and will not cause pollution to the environment.
  3.   The pipeline is stable and pressure resistant.
  4.   Recyclable green material.


Packing Details

Basically each piece is separated by foam in one bundle, or plastic bag individually. Whole bundle is covered by foam and plastic.



The procedure of procurement

1, the customer sends samples or drawings to us to make our drawings

2, the customer confirms the drawings and pays the mold fee

3, we need about 20 days to make the mold and send the sample to the customer for approval 

4, the customer places an order and pays a 30% deposit by wire transfer

5, it takes about 20 days to complete the order to release the container

6. The customer pays the balance to obtain the original document.


User evaluation


Very good polished aluminum profile, I hope to have more opportunities for further cooperation with you in the future. --- Kenny


Very good product, I hope to have more opportunities for cooperation in the future. --- Nick


I hope to have more in-depth cooperation with you in the future. I am very satisfied with your products. ---Jeffery



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