• Telecommunication signal transmission towers' aluminum profile, Aluminum profiles for telecommunication signal transmission towers

Industrial profiles

Telecommunication signal transmission towers' aluminum profile


Nowadays, with the development of science and technology, signal has gradually become a problem for people to survive. In such an information age, the existence of signal promotes people's life, which also makes it possible to transmit information over a long distance. However, the transmission of the signal does not happen out of thin air, but needs some medium and transmitting station. Signal transmission tower is such a existence. It collects signals and helps people send them. But how to build a proper signal tower is also related to material selection. Therefore, XXX has become one of the most popular materials in this field. As part of Aluminum extrusions for industrial, Telecommunication signal transmission towers' aluminum profile is a unique material for the construction of signal towers. Due to the characteristics of aluminum, the signal tower built by Telecommunication signal transmission towers' aluminum profile is stable, but it will minimize the interference to the signal. The unique design makes Aluminum profiles for telecommunication signal transmission towers the first choice of most signal tower companies. If you are interested in Telecommunication signal transmission towers' aluminum profile and want to know more about our products in Aluminum extrusions for industrial, please contact us and I hove we can have a good cooperation.

Machining processing:

We used these deep processing to keep our stuff meet customers requirements. So the technologies we take, for example, cutting size, drilling holes, adding mounting bracket, flanged side panels, etc. They are all normal processes for product handling, but the way we operate will try our best to reach your standards.


Advantages for stuff:

  1.   Easy to install and remove.
  2.   The product is excellent and can be used in harsh environments.
  3.   Environmental protection and green, no pollution to the environment.
  4.   Green renewable materials, suitable for a variety of environments.


Application of Aluminum Profile

The industrial aluminum extrusion is usually used in Building, Industrial, Machinery, Automation parts, CNC, etc. it’s a quite using profiles for different yields.


The procedure of procurement

  1, Customers send samples or drawings to us to make our drawings

  2, Customers confirm drawings and pay for mould costs

  3, We need about 20 days to make moulds and send samples to customers approve

  4, Customers place order and pay for 30% deposit by T/T

  5, It approximately takes 20 days to finish an order to load container

  6, Customers pay for balance to get original documents.


User evaluation


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