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Aluminum alloy profile


Today, different shapes of aluminum profiles are used in various situations. The unique properties of aluminum make it the material of choice for most building materials applications. It is precisely because of the extensive application of aluminum profiles that many popular products have emerged in the building materials market today. Different aluminum profiles are involved in the fields of aerospace, pipeline construction, electronic product manufacturing, and accessories manufacturing. Today we come to introduce you to such a material. aluminum profile, as a part of Aluminum extrusions for industrial, is a type of the hottest aluminum profile today. aluminum profile is based on the characteristics of aluminum itself, which can be made after deep processing and synthesis. The unique shape makes it suitable for specific occasions. To a certain extent, Aluminum alloy profile also has a certain universality, so there is no need to worry about the bottleneck in use. Therefore, as an important branch of Aluminum alloy profile, today aluminum profile has become the main metal material in the building materials market. We also have reasons to believe that this material is very promising in the next development. If you know something about aluminum profile and Aluminum extrusions for industrial and want to purchase, please contact us.

Machining processing:

We use these deep processing to maintain our products to meet the expectations of our customers. Therefore, the technologies we use, such as cutting size, drilling, adding mounting brackets, flange side plates, etc., are the process of product processing. Although the production process is very common, we innovate through production operations and do our best to satisfy customers’ demand.


Advantages for stuff:

  1.   Lightweight and easy to install and remove.
  2.   The material is suitable for a variety of scenes without restrictions.
  3.   Environmental protection type, can be used for a long time.
  4.   Recyclable materials will not cause pollution to the environment.


Surface treatment

Our products can be specially treated according to requirements, such as polishing, anodizing, electroplating, powder coating, painting, PVDF and so on. They are widely used steps that are treated with common materials.


Application of Aluminum Profile

Industrial aluminum profiles are commonly used in construction, industrial, mechanical, automated parts, CNC, etc. For different needs, our industrial aluminum profiles will have different orientations to best meet the needs of our customers.

Shipping Term

EXW, FOB, C&F or others can be discussed


Packing Details

Basically each piece is separated by foam in one bundle, or plastic bag individually. Whole bundle is covered by foam and plastic.


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