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Industrial profiles

aluminum rectangular tube (silver anodizing)


Nowadays, pipeline transportation has become a kind of light transportation. The role of pipes is often more complex than we think. Different shapes of pipes determine different functions of pipes. Pipeline plays an important role in building materials and transportation channels. However, the material requirements of pipes in different application scenarios are different. People have been looking for the right cast pipe material. So, which material is the most suitable? Therefore, aluminum rectangular tube (silver anodizing) appears in people's sight for the first time. As a branch of Aluminum extrusions for industrial, aluminum rectangular tube (silver anodizing) has been approved by most manufacturers in this field. Because of the light weight and corrosion resistance of aluminum, aluminum rectangular tube (silver anodizing) tube can be used in various occasions. At the same time, the special processing technology enables the product to be used in a variety of environments. This is why aluminum rectangular tube (silver anodizing) has gradually become an important material for modern pipeline production. If you want to know more about aluminum rectangular tube (silver anodizing) and Aluminum extrusions for industrial, please contact us in time, hope we can communicate with each other friendly.

Machining processing:

We use these deep processes to keep our products up to the requirements of our customers. Therefore, the technologies we adopt, such as cutting size, drilling, adding mounting bracket, flange side plate, etc., are normal processes of product processing, but our operation mode will try our best to meet your standards.


Advantages for stuff:

  1.   The colors are beautiful and easy to distinguish.
  2.   Corrosion resistance, not easily affected by chemical reactions in complex environments.
  3.   Environmentally friendly, can be reused.
  4.   Strong stability, suitable for multiple scenarios.


Mill finish, Sand Blasting, Powder coating, Anodized, Painting, Silver matt, PVDF and so on.


Our advantages

 1, against Chinese largest alumina mine to keep good material

 2, professional engineers and skilled workers

 3, one-stop aluminium extrusions and machining parts.

 4, professional management to support our customers.

 5, cooperating with some global top famous projects contractors


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