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Wood Plastic Floor Keel Aluminum Profile

  • Place of Origin : China
  • Package : EPE foam, kraft paper
  • Minimum order : 2tons
  • Price term : FOB, CIF, CNF
  • Payment term : L/C, T/T
  • Surface treatment : PVDF, powder coating

Nowadays, people still trying their best to feel safety in daily life. And they start to focus on their life at home. Imaging you are in your house, waking on your floor and then finding your floor start to collapse. How terrible it is! In order to escape this situation, people pay attention to build a stable floor to support them stand on it. But how to choose the best material for the keel, after trying and thinking, they find Wood (plastic) floor keel aluminum profile may be a good choice. Wood (plastic) floor keel aluminum profile, which is a kind of Aluminum extrusions for industrial for Wood/ plastic floor’s keel. As we all know, the keel is an important part in making a floor, which helps the wood/plastic bond well with each other. Due to the advantages of aluminum, Wood (plastic) floor keel aluminum profile becomes the first choice for making the keel. The material still adopts the central hollow and symmetrical design. The unique groove structure enables it to closely fit with other materials of the same type, ensuring the stability of the overall structure, and making it more durable without worrying about quality problems. If you want to know more about Aluminum profile for Wood (plastic) floor keel, if you want to have a conversation with us, please contact us.


Machining processing:
We use these deep processing to maintain our products to meet the expectations of our customers. Therefore, the technologies we use, such as cutting size, drilling, adding mounting brackets, flange side plates, etc., are the process of product processing. Although the production process is very common, we innovate through production operations and do our best to satisfy customers’ demand.


Advantages for stuff:
1. Strong pressure resistance, suitable for home or office use.
2. High quality alloy material with strong corrosion resistance.
3. Environmentally friendly, recyclable, reusable, and environmentally friendly.
4. Easy to install, quick and easy to use.


Surface treatment
Our products can be specially treated according to requirements, such as polishing, anodizing, electroplating, powder coating, painting, PVDF and so on. They are widely used steps that are treated with common materials.


Application of Aluminum Profile
Industrial aluminum profiles are commonly used in construction, industrial, mechanical, automated parts, CNC, etc. For different needs, our industrial aluminum profiles will have different orientations to best meet the needs of our customers.


Shipping Term
EXW, FOB, C&F or others can be discussed


User evaluation
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