• Aluminum Profile for Track Material for Doors and Windows

Windows and Doors profiles

Track Material for Doors and Windows Aluminum Profile

  • Place of Origin : China
  • Package : EPE foam, kraft paper
  • Minimum order : 2tons
  • Price term : FOB, CIF, CNF
  • Payment term : L/C, T/T
  • Surface treatment : PVDF, powder coating

Nowadays rolling tracks are used in many scenarios. Whether at home or in the office, you can always see rolling tracks in your doors or cupboards. Rolling track has become an important part of our life. Moreover, how to choose the right material is closely related to our personal safety. If the rolling track is not strong enough, it will cause the door slab to fall, which is likely to cause harm to us. So how to choose the right material becomes a problem.


Track Material for Doors and Windows aluminum profile is made of aluminum profiles for industrial. It is well known that the properties of aluminum profiles for industrial determine that they can be used in many situations. Aluminum profiles are more and more widely used in rolling parts. If you want to choose some aluminum profiles for industrial, if you need Track Material for Doors and Windows aluminum profile for your rolling track design, I believe that our aluminum profiles for industrial will meet your needs. I hope we can reach a cooperative relationship.


Machining processing:
We used these deep processing to keep our stuff meet customers requirements. So the technologies we take, for example, cutting size, drilling holes, adding mounting bracket, flanged side panels, etc. They are all normal processes for product handling, but the way we operate will try our best to reach your standards.


Advantages for stuff:
1. It is easy to use and can be used for a long time.
2. Installation is fast and can be used after installing.
3. Recyclable material
4. Durable, corrosion resistant


Surface treatment
Our stuff can be customized, such as Mill finished, Anodized, Electroplating, Powder
coated, Painted, Silver matt, Sand blasted, PVDF etc. And they are all widely used materials


Our advantages
1, against Chinese largest alumina mine to keep good material
2, professional engineers and skilled workers
3, one-stop aluminium extrusions and machining parts.
4, professional management to support our customers.
5, cooperating with some global top famous projects contractors


User evaluation

This product is proud of me, the use process is very smooth, there is no carton, the material is well polished, no scratches. I will choose other products if I have the chance. --- Laurent
I can't find a better product to compete with. This one is very pleasant both in appearance and in use. --- James


Choosing this product is the least regrettable thing I've ever done. --- Jay

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