Aluminum Pipe

Aluminum pipe is a non-ferrous metal pipe, and it can be of one or more closed through-holes. Aluminum pipe is widely used in automobiles, electrical appliances, agriculture, and other industries.

  • IP0013

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    According to extrusion, there are: seamless aluminum pipe and ordinary extruded pipe

  • CW0013

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    According to shape, there are: square pipe, circular pipe, pattern pipe, shaped pipe, global aluminum pipe.

  • Aluminum Pipe IP0002

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    As a high-strength hard aluminum pipe, it can be heat-treated to strengthen. The aluminum pipe has the tendency to form intergranular cracks. In quenching and cold-hardening, the cutting performance is still good.

  • Industrial Aluminum Pipe Profiles

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    Aluminum pipe profile is made of the aluminum stick that forms different shapes of aluminum materials through different degrees of hot melt, extrusion. Aluminum profiles are widely used, usually in construction, home improvement, industry, etc/

  • Polishing Aluminum Pipe

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    The advantages of welding technology: thin-walled copper and aluminum pipe welding technology suitable for industrial production is known as world-class problems, and it is the key technology of air-conditioning connecting aluminum pipe.

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