• LED Lamp Aluminum Profiles

Aluminum Profiles for LED Lights

LED Lamp Aluminum Profiles

  • Place of Origin : China
  • Package : EPE foam, kraft paper
  • Minimum order : 2tons
  • Price term : FOB, CIF, CNF
  • Payment term : L/C, T/T
  • Surface treatment : PVDF, powder coating

Nowadays, Luggage becomes a necessary part for our life. During our evection, a light-weight, high-capacity luggage will help a lot for our trip. So it’s essential to choose suitable material. And luggage frame aluminum profiles are born, which not only change the whole industry for luggage, but also change the way that people used to live. Aluminum profiles for luggage part is one of the industrial aluminum profiles. As we all know, the unique characteristics make aluminum a widely use profile. And now it goes to the luggage. Aluminum profiles for luggage frame makes the whole luggage harder, which ensures the stability of luggage, and the portability of industrial aluminum profiles help luggage carry more stuffs but less weight. So the luggage frame aluminum profiles become the first choice for luggage material choosing. Our company is the largest Chinese alumina manufacturer for making industrial aluminum profiles. I do believe that our stuff will meet your requirements.


Technical parameters:
Alloy & Temper: 6063-T5
Mechanical properties:
Hardness: 60HBW (Steel balls with a diameter of 10 mm and a load of 500 kg)
Tensile strength: 145~185 MPa
Elongation rate: 12%
Width: >10mm
height: >5mm
Length: >800mm


Advantages for stuff:

1. Light and consistency, easy installed
2. corrupt-proof, weather-proof, sound-proof and fire-proof
3. excellent smoothness and easy cleaning
4. environmentally friendly and good plasticity
5. Easy to carry during your trip or evection.


Scene application introduction
This product is widely used in the frame decoration of bags. Nowadays, suitcases are more and more popular and people have more and more opportunities to use them. People are looking for materials more suitable for the production of suitcases. Therefore, aluminum alloy has become an irreplaceable material for luggage.


The procedure of procurement
1. Customers send samples or drawings to us to make drawings
2. The customer confirms the drawing and pays for the mold fee
3. We need about 20 days to make the mold and send the sample to the customer for approval.
4. Customer orders, 30% deposit telegraphic transfer
5. It will take about 20 days to complete the container shipping order
6. The customer pays the balance and receives the original document.

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