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Curtain wall profiles

Aluminum curtain wall profile

  • Place of Origin : China
  • Package : EPE foam, kraft paper
  • Minimum order : 2000kgs
  • Price term : FOB, CIF, CNF
  • Payment term : T/T, L/C at sight
  • Surface treatment : mill finish, PVDF, Powder coating etc


Curtain wall mainly have three types: stick curtain wall, ladder curtain wall and unitized curtain wall. Each type of curtain wall has different function and cost, the cost of aluminum mullion is take up about 35%, but glass is the main material and take up the most cost. According to different design, we can produce aluminum extrusions accordingly and make so many different surface treatment, such as powder coating, PVDF etc.


Our advantages

 1, against Chinese largest alumina mine to keep good material

 2, professional engineers and skilled workers

 3, one-stop aluminium extrusions and machining parts

 4, professional management to support our customers.

 5, cooperating with some global top famous projects contractors


The procedure of procurement

  1, Customers send samples or drawings to us to make our drawings

  2, Customers confirm drawings and pay for mould costs

  3, We need about 20 days to make moulds and send samples to customers approve

  4, Customers place order and pay for 30% deposit by T/T

  5, It takes about 20 days to finish an order to load container

  6, Customers pay for balance to get original documents.



1,  How many extrusion machines do you have and how many tons output every month?

We have 26 machines in two factories, and there are over 5000 tons output capability every month.

2,  If you only produce aluminum extrusions?

We produce aluminum extrusions and machining products.

3,  Who do you working with?

We provide aluminum profiles to YKK, Permasteelisa China etc.

4,  If you provide customed production?

Yes, you send us drawings or samples, we will make drawings and moulds to produce them.


Aluminum Curtain Wall Profile, The Materials Which Are Rising Now

China aluminium curtain wall started late in China. It has a history of several decades in advanced developed countries. In China, it only started in the early 1980s. With the continuous development of China's economic construction, China aluminium curtain wall, as a high-tech product, develops rapidly in China's construction industry. With the development of aluminum alloy glass curtain wall in the early 1980s, Aluminum curtain wall profile has sprung up rapidly in China. With the use of aluminum alloy glass curtain wall in curtain wall engineering, the high-rise buildings in China are more brilliant, forming various colors and materials to form beautiful curtain wall patterns. The curtain wall made of aluminum plate is a form of building curtain wall. It is mostly used as wall cover and non light wall, instead of mosaic and glazed tile spraying external wall. At present, there are several types of aluminum plates that can be used in curtain wall engineering in domestic construction market, such as single-layer aluminum plate, composite aluminum plate and honeycomb aluminum plate. China aluminium curtain wall has many application scenarios. It mainly includes: lighting, solar reflectors, architectural appearance, ceiling and wall in interior decoration, furniture, cabinet, elevator, signs, nameplates, bags, car interior and exterior decoration, interior decoration, household appliances such as refrigerator, microwave oven, sound equipment, etc. It also includes aviation, aerospace and military aspects. The advantages of China aluminium curtain wall are mainly attributed to the following aspects. First of all, Aluminum curtain wall profile can be directly formed by bending and stamping the panel, and can also be formed by riveting corner codes on the small side of the panel. The reinforcing rib is connected with the electric welding screw behind the plate surface (the screw is directly welded on the back of the plate surface), which makes it a solid whole, greatly enhances the strength and rigidity of Aluminum curtain wall profile, and ensures the flatness and anti-seismic ability in long-term use. If sound insulation is required, efficient sound insulation materials can be installed inside the aluminum plate. Secondly, the surface of China aluminium curtain wall is generally pretreated with chromium, and then sprayed with fluorocarbon. Vinylidene fluoride varnish and vinylidene fluoride varnish. Generally, it can be divided into two, three or four coatings. The fluorocarbon coating has excellent corrosion resistance and weather resistance, can resist acid rain, salt spray and various air pollutants, has excellent cold and hot resistance, can resist strong ultraviolet radiation, can maintain long-term color fading, non powdering and long service life. Finally, Aluminum curtain wall profile has unique texture, rich color and durable, and its appearance and shape can be diversified, and it can be perfectly combined with glass curtain wall materials and stone curtain wall materials. Its perfect appearance and excellent quality make it popular with the owners. Its light weight is only one fifth of marble and one third of glass curtain wall. It greatly reduces the load of building structure and foundation, and has low maintenance cost and high performance price ratio.



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