When it comes to the aluminium windows and doors prices, regardless of the building materials or the modular aluminium profile, you will confuse why the price of each thermal aluminum doors so big difference?

modular aluminium profile

You see the first quote situation: Unit price quotations is very low, such as some businesses offer 216 yuan per square meter, 260 yuan, 280 yuan and so on. Although the unit price quotation is low, and then to increase a lot of accessories. This case will give consumers illusion, I feel a bit fooled feeling, for example, your home 10 square meters of windows, that quote you may think that 2000-3000 yuan will be able to get down. In fact, at least 7000-8000 yuan to spend, This quote is to make you seemingly very low prices, and then with the business window, but the final total price is far from your imagination, which is to attract you at a low price, and finally by increasing the various accessories to enhance Total price.

You see the second quote situation: It is generally famous thermal aluminum doors and windows quoted at 400 yuan per square meter or more, this price is the most reasonable, because we cut from the production cost of aluminum doors and windows in the analysis, Merchants a minimum of 400 yuan per square meter for only a little profit, this thermal aluminum windows and doors offer moderate prices. There are additional charges of metal window screens corner with no other items of charge, and this quotation on the business or consumers The most reasonable and fair.

You see the third quote situation: that is, the price of all aluminum windows and doors profiles, which looks like consumers save trouble, but there is an unfair place. That is, if the consumer needs a lot of windows, businesses must have another charge otherwise businesses have to lose money, which leads that businesses will not be profitable transactions, But if the consumer needs a small number of windows, it is good for businesses, so that the offer is not fair and unreasonable.

As consumers, you'd better understand the production costs of thermal aluminum doors and windows. In addition, the details can also refer to a thermal aluminum profile manufacturer analysis in this blog. For this, you can pick and purchase them at the reasonable price. In addition, they know how to make aluminum windows and doors, so they can solve your confusions.

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