“High-end aluminum profile plus highly processed products”-- let the development model of Chinese aluminum plus industry.

China has become the biggest aluminum profile producing country, that means that capability, output, consumption and export are all the No.1 in the world. In the goal of becoming a bigger and stronger aluminum producer, China has generally achieved the goal of become bigger. It is easy to become bigger but difficult to become stronger. Bigger is only a dimension of quantity, but stronger is a concept of quality. Quality is a dimension of international speaking right.

According to authority, after China has achieved the goal of becoming bigger, becoming stronger is the second goal of the Chinese aluminum industry. So in the development strategy of China Aluminum industry, we should use “high-end aluminum plus highly processed product” way.

In regard to high-end aluminum profile, we can view it in global market level, aerospace, military project, auto, vessel, oceangoing, consumer electronics and new energy, all of them use aluminum profile. In China, except the above-mentioned fields, CTP aluminum board and ring-pull can also use high-end aluminum profile. But in America and Europe, ring-pull can and CTP aluminum board have already entered the mature market. After development for several years, the Chinese CTP aluminum board and ring-pull can market is full now.

Highly processed products use aluminum profile as raw material. It is processed by automatic processing machines and several kinds of connecting technologies from aluminum profile. It is generally concerned as a high value-added good. However, highly processed products cannot be bought by a large amount. Highly processed products are professional and special, and consumers also have specialist requires. So highly processed products are more fit consumer market. It shows a small batch of deal. aluminum profile suppliers have to accept this new change, then they can survive in the market.

According to research, for saving cost, aluminum profile suppliers would like to buy components which are not very important. Produce components which are vital, buy component which is common, combine them together and make final products, that is the new trend of aluminum profile market.

Recently, as competitive aluminum profile suppliers, they have to target the high-end products market, development and research high-end aluminum profile. Furthermore, set up the system of aluminum profile highly processed products. Use the way of high-end aluminum profile plus highly processed products, they will take advantage in marketing.



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