Modular Aluminium Profile

With the features of flexible and modular, modular aluminium profile is suit for various of application. We have advance technology,can custom special modular aluminium profile for you.

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    The advantages of welding technology: thin-walled copper and aluminum pipe welding technology suitable for industrial production is known as world-class problems, and it is the key technology of air-conditioning connecting aluminum pipe. 

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    The advantages of service life: in terms of the aluminum pipe wall, because the refrigerant does not contain water, the inner wall of aluminum connecting pipe will not be corroded. 

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    The aluminum can also be used as a mold material.

  •  Aluminum Framing Extrusion Profile

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    Thicker sections generally need an increased section size. In order for the material to flow properly legs should not be more than ten times longer than their thickness. 

  • Modular Aluminium Profile IP0010

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    1.against Chinese largest alumina mine to keep good material.
    2.strict quality management system.
    3.The biggest press is 3600tons.
    4.We produce aluminum extrusions and machining products.

  • Modular Industrial Aluminium Profile IP0011

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    We produce aluminum extrusions and machining modular products. Industrial aluminum extrusions is an extensive field which cover those aluminum profiles used for heatsink, mechanical parts, scaffold etc. This kind of aluminum extrusions have specially requirement generally.

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