The quality of aluminum extrusion profiles are good or bad, and generally when in use to buy a large number of extruded aluminum profiles, it is impossible to check one by one, in order to reduce unnecessary trouble, choose a good supplier is very important,if you understand the impact of aluminum profile quality is good or bad several major factors, you can use this as a basis to buy the rest assured of the material.


Alloy element

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6063 alloy is aluminum magnesium-silicon as the main alloying elements, each element has a certain range of content, the high price of magnesium. Some manufacturers in order to reduce costs, the amount of magnesium to a minimum allowable content. Some even worse, the magnesium content is less than the minimum allowable content. There are plants plus waste in the alloy wire scrap pots and waste pots, basically not to mention 6063 alloy. Resulting in aluminum mechanical strength is very low, low to bend easily bend with both hands, commonly known as "noodles" as soft. This is one of the reasons why aluminum can be cheaper than a few thousand dollars.

Regular aluminium extrusion suppliers, in the preparation of alloy composition, have internal standards, that is, within the scope of the various elements, the plants have their own smaller range of changes, aluminum, magnesium, silicon ratio between the three very strict requirements, Each aluminium extrusion factory has its own data, mutual confidentiality. A qualified formula made of alloy, in order to ensure the quality, or how to process later, the quality can not go up.


Aluminum smelting furnace 

With a good 6063 alloy how to melt, what kind of stove, which is also crucial, and now the domestic use of the 40-year-old stove, but also the 90's level, the worst aluminum extrusion manufacturers with the original crucible boiler. There are coal-burning, oil-burning, gas-fired and electric-heated smelting furnaces. Some stoves have chimneys, some stoves without chimneys. Generally used for the square furnace (rectangular furnace), advanced round furnace, and some circular furnace can be poured down aluminum water. On the tonnage of a ton, two tons, five tons, ten tons, twenty-five tons and fifty tons of aluminum melting furnace. More advanced, the furnace below the furnace plus a static furnace, furnace 6063 alloy preparation of important preparation, can be degassing in this furnace degassing, standing, and then cast aluminum rod for extrusion. In the original coal-fired furnace and modern circular furnace alloy preparation of the quality is absolutely not the same. Ordinary stoves, no matter what kind of fuel is burned, should have a chimney, most of the waste gas generated during the combustion of the fuel can be discharged from the chimney. If there is no chimney waste all the molten aluminum waste water, so cast for the extrusion of aluminum rods, there is a serious internal slag bubble, which is one of the reasons for the poor quality of aluminum, which is one of the reasons for the cheaper aluminum.


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