With the continuous development of the Internet era, e-commerce model has gradually penetrated into all walks of life. aluminum alloy profile industry, as a relatively mature industry in the traditional home building materials industry, is no exception. In the battle between traditional e-commerce mode and emerging e-commerce mode, how should aluminum alloy profile manufacturers choose?

1. The e-commerce model has gradually penetrated into aluminum alloy profile

Looking back on the past, aluminum alloy profile manufacturers action was frequent in 2015, and Internet plus was rampant. From Tmall double eleven to the world Internet Conference, all of them showed the strong development power of the electric business. At present, and to the annual summary time, the Internet in the past has had a huge impact on the development of aluminum alloy profile manufacturers. The transaction volume of "double 11" in 2015 reached 91.2 billion, which is undoubtedly the largest news and the largest e-commerce event of China in 2015. It is also enough to make all enterprises aware of the strong marketing power of e-commerce marketing. However, it is not to say that as long as we follow suit, e-commerce will certainly be able to obtain benefits.

aluminum alloy profile industry as a domestic industry started earlier, under the impact of the emerging products of the Internet, enterprises naturally bear a lot of pressure. In terms of the current situation, both the traditional mode of aluminum alloy profile and the emerging industry must be well prepared for the long-term development.

Although the e-commerce model in the Internet era has shown many advantages, at the same time, with the rapid development of e-commerce, its disadvantages are gradually highlighted, such as fake products, perfunctory after-sales service and so on. Although e-commerce has strong power, it is not invincible. aluminum alloy profile manufacturers also have to use the traditional experience marketing to eliminate consumers' vigilance and bring more interested customers, so as to achieve the marketing target of the enterprise.

2. aluminum alloy profile manufacturers needs to find the best combination of new and old models

The competition between Internet marketing and traditional marketing is not only available today. From the birth of e-commerce, traditional marketing is facing great challenges. As far as aluminum alloy profile is concerned, it is not important whether the e-commerce wins or the traditional marketing is better. As long as it can bring profits to the enterprise, it is a good marketing method. Therefore, maybe e-commerce and traditional marketing can put aside their prejudices and develop together to drive consumers' activities in the market with the real experience of traditional marketing mode and the fast and convenient e-commerce mode.

aluminum alloy profile manufacturers need to use the Internet as a platform to make information and data truly flow, and produce a huge production force. By vigorously breaking the information asymmetry, steadily and excessively promoting the cross-border upgrading of the industry, aluminum alloy profile manufacturers drive the traditional construction industry to "advance" in the format and operation mode. It can be said that the transformation of the Internet plus aluminum alloy doors and windows industry is all-around. Technological innovation, management mode innovation and the formation of new business models need to be coordinated development.


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