Chinese Aluminum Extrusion

Chinese aluminum extrusion has huge speed extrusion in recently years. Aluminum extrusion manufacturers master advance technolohy, export high quality aluminum extrusion.

  • CW0012

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  • IP0012

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    Aluminum pipe is widely used in automobiles, ships, aerospace, aviation, electrical appliances, agriculture, electrical and mechanical, home and other industries.

  • GP0012

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    Its wall thickness and cross-section must be uniform, which is basis of requirement for the aluminum production.

  • China Aluminum Extrusion PVDF0004 Door Profile

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    When all kinds of industries have greatly developed, the aluminum doors and windows industries become more and more e-commercial, many china aluminum extrusion manufacturers hope to develop the enterprises by controlling the quality of products.

  • Aluminum Extrusion Window & Door Profile

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    In order to avoid some common problems about windows and doors engineering happening, aluminum extrusion supplier take some measures in quality control.The thermal insulating strip should use C type structure, with the internal and external aluminum profiles in the same horizontal plane.

  • Chinese Aluminum Window Extrusion Profile

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    Aluminum windows adopt the aluminum extrusion profiles for the frame, stick and fan made, which is with light weight and high strength. And the density is only 1/3 of steel. It can be classified by the profiles. Aluminum alloy windows can be mainly divided into the general aluminum windows and the bridge-cutoff aluminum windows.

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