Aluminum Profile

The aluminum profile has the characters of small specific gravity and elastic modulus, corrosion resistance, weldability, easy processing, no magnetism and low temperature performance.

  • PC0011

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    Quite a few closet door manufacturers may promise to customers to make a promise of warranty in order to take orders during pre-order.

  • IP0010

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    Seventh, after-sales service fail to honor the commitment. 

  • CW0010

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    They are dare to browse the competitors' websites or promotional materials, and openly misappropriated pictures of peers, and even misappropriation of brand-name trademarks.

  • Industrial Aluminium Profiles IP0022

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    When the aluminum profile is extruded, it was treated with water cooling or liquid nitrogen cooling; T5 means it was treated with air-cooled or natural cooling in the air.

  • IP0011 Aluminum Profile for Sale

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    Industrial aluminum extrusions is an extensive field which cover those aluminum profiles used for heatsink, mechanical parts, scaffold etc. This kind of aluminum extrusions have specially requirement generally

  • Industrial Aluminum Profile IP0020

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    aluminum profile IP0020 with good forming performance, it is easy to carry out cutting, stamping, bending, and forming of various processing. Aluminum profile contains some advantages in ship application.

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