Aluminium Extrusion

Aluminum extrusion is a technique used to transform aluminum alloy into objects.Each alloy has its specific optimal temperature of the aluminum extrusion.

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    Weak individuals may cut the corner in order to make more profits, paying no attention to the laws and regulations. 

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    Asked about the brand or origin by customers, salesperson casually reply hazily as "import brand" or "joint" response

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    Sixth, counterfeit brand-name and illegal business. 

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    Increasing the washing steps of aluminum extrusion profile parts in the bluing process. After the parts are blued for 5 minutes, they can be taken out from the slot and flushed with running water. At this moment, since the red frost attached to the parts surface just formed, it is easy to wash. And then, there would be less red frost when parts are blued.

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    The aluminum extrusion profile parts should be blued in the solution components which are at low temperature for 15 minutes. Then they can be moved into the solution which is at higher temperature than normal working temperature for 40- 60 minutes.

  • Aluminium Industrial Extrusion Profile

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    Industrial aluminum extrusions is an extensive field which cover those aluminum profiles used for heatsink, mechanical parts, scaffold etc. This kind of aluminum extrusions have specially requirement generally, we have professional engineer and skilled staff to meet the customers’ demand. Meanwhile, we also have CNC, Punching machines to make fabricated process.

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