Aluminium Channel

A range of aluminium channel sizes for you choice.Our channel profiles are available in many industries.

  • IP0014

    IP0014More >

    According to thickness, there are: ordinary aluminum pipe and thin-walled aluminum pipe.

  • GP0014

    GP0014More >

    According to precision, there are: ordinary aluminum pipe and precise aluminum pipe.

  • CW0014

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    And the precise aluminum pipe in general needs to re-process after extrusion, such as cold drawing and pumping in precise, and rolling.

  • Aluminium Channel Profile IP0009

    Aluminium Channel Profile IP0009More >

    Aluminium channel is a three sided or 'u' shaped channel suited for use in any number of applications where a strong.

  • Industrial Aluminium Channel

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    Industrial aluminium channel is lightweight and easy to work with. Aluminum channel profile is gaining its popularity among common people and Chinese aluminium profile manufacturers because of its readiness for recycling and eco-friendly characteristics.

  • China Aluminium Channel IP0021

    China Aluminium Channel IP0021More >

    We have 26 machines in two factories, and there are over 5000 tons output capability every month. Therefore, we can provide many aluminium channel sizes  for our clients.

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