Aluminium Cabinet Profile

Give best aluminium cabinet profile for you. The aluminium carbinet can be used in kitchen,office ect.

  • IP0017

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    Corrosion resistance is not high, so in order to improve corrosion resistance, there are common methods, such as anodizing, painting or surface cladding aluminum layer. 

  • CW0017

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     In quenching and cold-hardening, the cutting performance is still good, but it is bad in the annealed state. 

  • IP0016

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     It has good performance of spot welding, but with gas welding and argon arc welding, the aluminum pipe has the tendency to form intergranular cracks.

  • Electrophoresis Aluminium Cabinet Profile

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    Aluminum alloy cabinets are made of aluminum profiles and their plastic connections are processed  in the clean environment so the product have no smell off- smell.

  • Polishing Alminium Cabinet

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    Aluminum cabinet is extremely hard. No pests, even termites can hurt it. the experiment proved it to be able to withstand 227g of the ball from the 3m at the drop without a destruction, it can bend strength of 150Mpa. Under normal conditions of use, its longevity can last for fifty years.

  • Cabinet Profile PVDF0001

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    Aluminum cabinet has a strong heat resistance, and it was tested that the temperature can withstand 200 ℃ without being destroyed. The surface will not suffer damage even after long burning, overcoming the shortcomings of general plate.

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