Custom Aluminium Extrusion

This kind of thermo-break aluminum curtain wall section is more eco-energy, weather-proof. We have about 20 years experience in Custom Aluminium Extrusion, that widely used in windows and doors, industrial and curtain walls, that including exposed frame curtain wall, hidden frame curtain wall, semi-hidden frame curtain wall and all glass curtain wall. In cooperation with global business partners and growing together. 

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    Plastic pulley has hard texture, but easy to break, and if it has been used for a long time, it will be astringent, hardened, whose push-pull feel becomes very poor, so the price is cheaper. 

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    On the market, pulley material generally includes 2 kinds, the plastic pulleys and the glass fiber pulleys.

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    Therefore, if the load capacity of the wheel is not enough, it will greatly affect the service life.

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