As a new type of alloy material, ALUMINUM FRAMING SYSTEM has been widely used in product processing due to its stable chemical properties and light weight. It has been used in many fields, such as construction, automobile, high-speed rail, aircraft and electronic products. ALUMINUM FRAMING SYSTEM has the following characteristics:

1. Wide range of application: suitable for rack, bracket, door, industrial automation equipment, factory and office worktable, shelf, container, ladder, etc.
2. Convenient construction: through modularization and multi-function, the ideal coating of mechanical equipment can be quickly constructed without complicated design and processing.
3. Beautiful and practical: light, high rigidity, simple and beautiful appearance, no paint.
4. Strong expansibility: unique T-shape, groove design, no need to remove the profile when installing components, can install nuts and bolts in any position, the transformation equipment is simple and fast.

At the same time, ALUMINUM FRAMING SYSTEM has the following advantages:
1. ALUMINUM FRAMING SYSTEM has high mechanical properties and high pressures bearing capacity;
2. ALUMINUM FRAMING SYSTEM surface electrophoretic coating / anodizing treatment, high finish, dirt resistance, corrosion resistance, beautiful appearance;
3. ALUMINUM FRAMING SYSTEM accessories are complete, can be assembled at will, firm and reliable;
4. ALUMINUM FRAMING SYSTEM does not need welding, so it is convenient to adjust the size and change the structure easily;
5. ALUMINUM FRAMING SYSTEM assembly work is convenient, fast, high production efficiency.

The processing of ALUMINUM FRAMING SYSTEM is not complicated. In fact, before production and processing, designers need to produce drawings according to customers' requirements. After customers' confirmation, aluminum profile manufacturers will process according to the drawings. As long as the frame of the shelf is precisely cut according to the size and size, and some places need tapping and drilling, they are processed according to the drawing paper to ensure that there will be no problem during installation.

Secondly, as long as the required aluminum profile accessories, such as the corresponding profile bolts, nuts, corner pieces, end caps, seals, etc., can be assembled without welding, so there is no need to worry about pollution and appearance damage.

How to choose ALUMINUM FRAMING SYSTEM depends on what kind of enterprise is sold. If it is a trader, the price must be relatively expensive. Therefore, if you want to buy such shelves, you must find a first-hand manufacturer, not a trader.

ALUMINUM FRAMING SYSTEM maintenance methods, first of all, to prevent direct sunlight and explosion, otherwise it will cause discoloration of the plastic coating; secondly, do not wipe with corrosive liquid or materials; thirdly, do not wipe the surface with rough materials (including toothpaste); fourth, do not use sharp objects to depict the surface. If there are stains on the surface of aluminum material, clean it with neutral washing and then wipe it with water. Do not use wet cloth and hard objects to wipe the surface; avoid using acid and alkaline chemicals to contact the surface, so as to avoid damage to the surface coating. ALUMINUM FRAMING SYSTEM should pay attention to regular maintenance: generally, it should be maintained once a quarter. After wiping the dust mark on the furniture surface with clean soft cloth (or return silk), the surface should be evenly smeared with furniture special polishing wax, and the surface can be polished slightly with clean soft cloth, which can make the furniture surface coating continuously bright.


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