Broken bridge aluminum windows and doors profiles have the structure of the drainage system based on the principle of pressure balance -- sliding stepped design and drainage open, with good drainage and water tightness. At the same time, the frame of broken bridge aluminum windows and doors profiles which is straight material has hollow design, with a strong resistance of wind pressure and deformation and good anti-vibration effect. Broken bridge aluminum windows and doors profiles, used for high-rise buildings and civilian residential, can be designed large area windows with large lighting area. This window is more air-tight than any aluminum and plastic windows and can ensure ​​the indoor windowsill and floor in the sandstorm areas without dust.


In addition to highlight the characteristics of wind pressure and waterproof, broken bridge aluminum windows and doors profiles also have a strong sealing and sound insulation effect.Aluminum windows and doors profiles are now widely used in the construction. Before, the aluminum windows and doors profiles have avoided some shortcomings of steel windows, but thealuminum profile itself is a metal material with fast hot and cold conduction, so it can not fundamentally solve the sealing, insulation and other problems. At present, many windows and doors profiles enterprises have developed a kind of broken bridge insulation building aluminum profile, that is, to broken in the middle of the aluminum profile with harden plastic to block the heat of aluminum, so that it can achieve the same insulation with the plastic window to solve the high thermal problem of aluminum profile.

Aluminum windows and doors profileshave occupied half of the windows and doors industry, but many consumers still have worries about identifying the quality of aluminum windows and doors profiles. Because the unqualified aluminum windows and doors profiles are easily affected by sunshine, air, and rain, resulting in deformation, even the glass rupture, shedding and so on. In order to help consumers to buy qualified products, experts listed three major points of poor qualified aluminum profiles for reference:

First, the thickness of oxide film is unqualified -- thin

According to Chinese National standards, the construction aluminum oxide film thickness should be not less than 10um (microns). If the thickness is not enough, the aluminum surface is prone to corrosion. Pumping some of no name, site, production license, and certificate of aluminum profiles, the oxide film thickness is only 2 to 4um, and some even have no oxide film. Experts estimate that each reduction of 1um oxide film thickness, per ton of profiles can reduce the cost of electricity costs more than RMB100 yuan.

Second, chemical composition is unqualified.

Mixed with a large number of scrap aluminum can greatly reduce the cost, but will lead to building aluminum chemical composition unqualified, seriously endangering the safety of construction.

Third, the wall thickness of aluminum profile is reduced.

In terms of 90 series sliding window products, according to Chinese national standards, its minimum wall thickness should be not less than 1.4mm, but the wall thickness of many products on the market is only 0.6 to 0.7mm. And in terms of 46 series of doors products, according to Chinese national standards, its minimum wall thickness should be not less than 1.62mm, but some products has only 0.97 to 1.18mm wall thickness.

Low-quality aluminum profiles reduce the closure time and chemical reagents, so as to reduce the cost. However, the profile corrosion resistance is greatly reduced. Chinese aluminum profile manufacturers ought to make a wise choice between the quality and cost -- Quality is first.


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