When we heat all kinds of equipment, we need to consider the thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance and magnetic properties of the profiles. aluminium heatsink extrusion stands out among the numerous materials and becomes the first material in the manufacture of various types of radiators.

For aluminium heatsink extrusion, many people will feel very strange, because it is stored inside the equipment, in a variety of products will not be exposed directly. In fact, aluminium heatsink extrusion is also called aluminium heatsink extrusion. Many heatsink extruded aluminium profile manufacturers have the ability to manufacture aluminium heatsink extrusion professionally. We have researched and developed the heat dissipation devices such as aluminium heatsink extrusion and heatsink extruded aluminium profile manufacturers, which are different from those of other power sources such as aluminium heatsink extrusion and heatsink extruded aluminium profile manufacturers. We should be able to produce all kinds of heat dissipation devices independently, such as aluminium heatsink extrusion and heatsink extruded aluminium profile manufacturers.

aluminium heatsink extrusion has a lot of application scenarios, such as internal cooling of air compressor, heat dissipation of home host computer, heat dissipation of chassis, CPU heat dissipation, graphics card radiator, etc., which are inseparable from the support of aluminum heat sink.

For aluminium heatsink extrusion, the two biggest features are high voltage and high speed. Its specific pressure can reach thousands or even tens of thousands of kPa. At the same time, the filling speed is very fast and the filling time is very short. aluminium heatsink extrusion casting has high dimensional accuracy, good surface finish, high strength, high hardness, stable size, good interchangeability, good product quality, high machine productivity, long service life, and is easy to realize industrial mechanization and automation. In general, there is no need for mechanical processing, even if it is needed, the processing amount is very small. For some complex castings, it can also be cast. It can be seen that the use of aluminium heatsink extrusion can significantly improve the metal utilization rate and greatly reduce the workload and working hours of processing equipment. At the same time, the castings used are not expensive, which brings economic benefits and saves costs for enterprises.

However, aluminium heatsink extrusion also has disadvantages. The liquid metal filled in it runs fast, which leads to the instability of flow state. The casting is easy to produce blowholes, so heat treatment is not suitable. For some uneven and uneven castings, it is difficult to carry out die casting aluminum treatment. For some high melting point alloys, such as copper and ferrous metals, the service life will be reduced after die casting aluminum treatment. In addition, aluminium heatsink extrusion is not suitable for small batch production because the production price of die-casting aluminum is relatively high. If small batch production is carried out, it is not cost-effective and uneconomical.
From the above analysis, we can see that aluminium heatsink extrusion has both advantages and disadvantages. aluminium heatsink extrusion produced by different heatsink extruded aluminium profile manufacturers is not the same, and the existing shortcomings are not absolute. However, in view of the possible shortcomings of aluminium heatsink extrusion, for the sake of safety, consumers should try their best to choose high-quality products, buy well-known, powerful and advanced technology brands, and also choose good heatsink extruded aluminium profile manufacturers to ensure good installation quality and after-sales service.


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