In daily consumption process, we often have such a consumer concept: the higher price the better, the more the better, and the more solid the better... Because the more materials consumed, the corresponding price will be higher, and the quality will be better. So is it correct? In fact, the answer is: no!

     Usually, three elements of aluminum doors and windows constitute matter the price: profiles, window type, and accessories.

The thickness of the aluminum windows and doors profile maters a lot for the price of the product, and many consumers will take it for granted that the thicker aluminum profile, the better the product quality. In fact, this view is one-sided.

      The national standard on thickness of Aluminum windows and doors profile is set according to the requirements of energy saving and environmental protection under the situation of insurance to the product safety and performance. So, it is wrong that the thicker the aluminum profile, the better the product quality. If the profile is thick too much, it is hard to ensure the product's air tightness, watertight and quality.

Three aspects to determine the quality of aluminum doors and windows

1. Rationality of profile design;

2. Product air tightness and water tightness;

3. Glass, hardware and accessories configuration of the product.

      If a product’s profile design is unreasonable -- its air tightness and water tightness can not meet the national standard, or even its thickness exceeds the national standard N times, it must be not a good product.

Excessive pursuit of aluminum profile thickness will not only bring serious waste of resources, but also additional price increases with unnecessary economic burden to consumers.

      High-qualified aluminum doors and windows manufactures all use a national standardized aluminum profile. Its thickness, strength and oxide film generally meet the national standards, such as the relevant requirements as follow:

1. The aluminum profile thickness of the Aluminum doors and windows should be not less than 1.2mm, and the oxide film thickness should reach 10 microns;

2. Tempered glass is better than ordinary glass, considering the safety and durability of doors and windows;

3. Stainless steel hardware accessories (such as screws, hinge, etc.) are better than aluminum accessories;

4. The pulley has better to choose the stainless steel one which has higher strength and wear resistance, and lasting smooth in push and pull.


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