In order to increase the corrosion resistance and mechanical properties of aluminum surface, aluminum profile should be treated by various surface treatment methods after extrusion. The common surface treatment methods of aluminum alloy are anodic oxidation treatment, electrophoretic coating and powder spraying. Although these three methods have different principles, advantages and disadvantages, the aluminium profile manufacturer will adapt all of them in the production of industrial aluminum profile, aluminum curtain wall and so on in the aluminum profile factory.


First of all, anodic oxidation treatment can form porous oxide film, which can absorb lubricants, pigments and so on to enhance the corrosion resistance and wear resistance of the material surface, which has a good insulation effect and breakdown voltage greater than 30V/micron, which can make the oxide film of porous structure oxidized and colored into various decorative colors with good adsorption capacity. It is widely used in aerospace, electronics and electrical appliances, the construction of various aluminum frame structures and architectural decoration.

Second of all, the advantages of electrophoretic coating are as follows: water is used as dispersing medium to reduce air and water pollution, and fire hazard will not occur. The coating can cover the edges and gaps of the aluminum profile and form a dense and uniform oxide film, so the overall anticorrosive ability is very strong. With the advanced RO circulating system, the recovery rate of the coating is over 98%, and the discharge of waste water is very small, which not only saves the chemical paint, but also reduces the environmental pollution.

The last but not the least, the molecular weight of resin used in powder coating is higher than that of solution coating, which makes the surface of aluminum profile have good chemical resistance medium performance. The coating of 50-300 μ m can be obtained by powder spraying once, which greatly reduces the number of coating and saves the working time. The droop phenomenon and pinhole defects in the coating without solution coating may result in a better film layer, which makes the aluminum profile products strong and durable. The surface quality and pretreatment quality of aluminum substrate are not as strict as those of the first two methods.


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