Aluminum windows and doors profiles have been driven by real estate, and now the real estate market volatility greatly affects the market situation of aluminum doors and windows. In recent years, the real estate downturn has a direct impact on the market of aluminum windows and doors, resulting in a slump situation. Under this case, naturally the doors and windows of aluminum enterprises will face an embarrassing situation. However since 2015, the real estate market policy plus the second child policy have liberalized potential demand. Facing this situation, Chinese aluminium profile manufacturers need to seize the opportunity and closely follow the real estate industry, moving to a higher level.


All along, home building materials market, such as aluminum doors and windows market, is closely related to the real estate industry. In recent years, China 's home building materials industry showed a downturn trend also represented the weak state of the real estate market. However, since 2015, the introduction of  "rescue" policy in real estate industry secured a more promising future for the doors and windows aluminum market. In response to the real estate market downturn, this year, many local governments introduce series favorable policies to stimulate consumption in response to a sharp decline in real estate investment. One of the policies is about the provident fund loans, which specifying families who has the first suite and has a set with cleared loans could enjoy a lower down payment-- 20%.  There are many similar policies.


Aluminum windows and doors manufacturers are difficult to achieve the desired results only by virtue of external factors. In order to win in today's highly competitive market, they need to find their own weaknesses, and targeted to enhance their comprehensive strength. Aluminum doors and windows manufacturers should bear the policies in mind either at home or abroad, which will have a crucial impact on all walks of life. Companies need to keep an eyes on the market environment, including macroenvironment (political factor, economic factor, social factor, technological factor) and microenvironment (company, competitor, public, intermediary, supplier etc). If the company fail one of the key point, it is quite easy for it to suffer a loss even go bankruptcy. Only by adapting the company to the current situation and conducting suitable adjustment can the company make great profits and win the future market.



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