First of all, as regard to the operation of the aluminum extruder, the operator must pay attention to the following matters before the formal operation to ensure the normal, safe and continuous aluminum production.

(1) To check: whether the aluminum equipment is normal, whether the operating parts of the machine are in place, the lubrication of the slide, the action of the induction switch, the fasteners (screws), whether the circulating cooling water is open, whether the Bit is enough, whether the oil temperature is normal, whether the pump has sound, whether the speed is normal, whether the action fluency is normal.

(2) To check: the situation of aluminum bars (see Article 1), the extrusion center line, the aluminum extrusion tube heating, the fluctuations of heating instrument, the traction machine, the material bed, and the rear equipment operation, whether all kinds of hardware tools for the operating equipment (mold, pad, pressure cake, platen, clip, hammer, pliers, wrench, screwdriver, screwdriver, crowbar, thermal tops, plastic tools, etc.) are fixed position the work site, driving, the mold furnace for aluminum extrusion profile is normal, all kinds of quenching cooling fan is running, whether all the measurement tools are completely correct.

(3) To check: whether there are any miscellaneous personnel at the scene, whether there are maintenance personnel, whether there is a visiting staff, whether there are new learners. It should be based on to the principle of safety first according to the actual situation to educate, comment, train, guidance, demonstrate the relevant personnel, and for the foreign personnel without the leadership, it is necessary to do confidential work. The operator should also co-ordinate production with team members and pay attention to the order of the various processes.

(4) It is a must to understand the production content, production requirements, production sequence, to record the corresponding real data of the production, writing clear with standard production date so that can be verified, traceable, learnt from, and cited. What’s more, the drawings, forms, information, documents, etc, of aluminum alloy profiles should be prepared in advance and well known before the production

Now, we take the 6082 aluminum extrusion profile as an example of the use of the extruder. There are these two points need to grasp: heating method of aluminum alloy casting rod; extrusion method of aluminum profile.

1. The heating method of aluminum alloy cast rod

A. Heating time is short to reach about 500 ℃in 3 minutes;

B. Extrusion temperature should be controlled accuracy, and the error should not be more or less then 3 ℃. (Through the resistance furnace slowly heating, it will lead to Mg2Si phase precipitation, affecting the strengthening effect.)

2. Extrusion methods of Aluminum profile

A. because of strong deformation resistance of 6082 alloy, the cast rod temperature should be near the upper limit (480-500℃);

B. Aluminum extrusion die temperature should be high;

C. In case of shrinkage or bubbles, oxide, or impurities involved, the pressure should be leave longer;

D. To ensure the Mg2Si completely solid solution, the quenching temperature is above 500 ℃, and to solid the profile, the extrusion exit temperature should be controlled at 500-530 ℃;


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