Linkedalu, as one of the aluminium pipe suppliers in China, specialized in the aluminum framing machine for many years which include aluminum curtain wall, aluminum pipe and so on, owning a aluminum profile manufacturing facility in Guangzhou, today, would like to share with you what is the aluminium tube suppliers in China. Of course, Linkedalu dedicates itself to turning into one of the aluminium pipe suppliers, and also obtain superb growth and appropriate recognition in the aluminum framing system business. Hopefully, the information about the better aluminium tube dealer in China can contribute to you.

Extruded aluminium sections pipe and profile normally use ingot heating-extruding-finishing manufacturing process. For the warmness remedy of aluminum framing system can be strengthened, it also needs an greater quenching and growing older treatment. Thin-wall aluminum pipe is produced by way of extrusion and then cold-working. For tough alloy small diameter aluminum pipe, the secondary extrusion technique is frequently used to produce small-size extruded aluminum tube. There are two methods of cold rolling and drawing of the aluminum tube blank. The bloodless rolling procedure can be rolled from the clean to the thickness of the finished product at one time, however the rate of the gear is excessive and the tool manufacture is extra complicated. The tools and equipment of the drawing technique are simple, and it is effortless to alternate the specifications all through production, and the product dimension is correct and the surface is smooth and clean, but the drawing method has many production strategies and low yield of finished products. Hard alloy and excessive magnesium alloy aluminum pipes are normally produced with the aid of bloodless rolling of extruded tube billet and then stretching out the finished product. Pure aluminum pipes are produced by means of extruding and drawing technology. For pure aluminum tube below φ 30mm, coiled tubes with high production efficiency and product rate can be used, and the plates can be manufactured. In the bloodless rolling and drawing process, there are typically various intermediate annealing. The completed product shall be warmth dealt with and finely finished according to the transport requirements after the finished product measurement is processed.

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