At present, there are a lot of suppliers of aluminium doors and windows in the market. In fact, consumers have been unconsciously led into the misunderstanding. Doors and windows are first of all customized products, rather than direct sales of finished products. They are processed by a variety of brands of raw materials customized by professional doors and windows enterprises. So when we choose suppliers of aluminium doors and windows, we must first understand whether this enterprise is a raw material company or a door and window processing enterprise. First, we understand that the broken bridge aluminum doors and windows include: 1: aluminum profile; 2: heat insulation strip; 3: hollow glass; 4: Hardware; 5: screen window; 6: foaming agent; 7: sealant.

First, let's talk about one of the raw materials, aluminum profile. As we all know, some suppliers of aluminium doors and windows is only one of the raw material brands of aluminum profile. At this time, it is not the broken bridge aluminum, just the aluminum profile, which has not become the broken bridge aluminum. This is the first one we need to ask xxx, which company produces the raw material aluminum profile we use. Generally, as long as the aluminum profile reaches the national standard, it will not be bad, especially the top 20 brand companies, big Do not think that some suppliers of aluminium doors and windows is the door and window brand for the aluminum profile produced by the enterprise

Second: selection of thermal insulation strip
The reason why the bridge cutoff aluminum has the function of heat insulation is that the middle part of the double-sided aluminum profile is blocked and processed with the insulation strip material. At this time, the bridge cutoff aluminum is processed. This is what suppliers of aluminium doors and windows does, not what the aluminum profile enterprise can do. At this time, we need to pay attention to whether the insulation strip is PVC plastic insulation strip or PA66 nylon insulation strip Nylon insulation strip is a standard requirement

Third: selection of insulating glass
The quality of the original glass sheet is the best for Kunming glass, while the hollow glass is used to cut off the first-class dry particles of the aluminum strip through the process of home decoration between two layers of glass. The strict requirement is to inject argon, and then seal it with environmental protection glue. Here are several raw materials involved. Generally, we can judge whether this is normal suppliers of aluminium doors and windows through the cleanness of the glass and the flatness of the sealant There are three kinds of glass specifications available on the market: 5mm + 9A + 5mm; 5mm + 12a + 5mmm; 5mm + 18a + 5mm; and there are three kinds of specifications of 70: 5mm + 22a + 5mm; 5mm + 25A + 5mm; 5mm + 27a + 5mm; the prices of these three specifications are different, so it is also necessary to ask Chu suppliers of aluminium doors and windows, the bigger the middle aluminum specification, the better the effect; In addition, there are three layers of glass technology, toughening technology, laminating technology, etc., which need to be paid extra

Fourth: Hardware
Hardware in general suppliers of aluminium doors and windows quotation if it includes hardware, it is necessary to ask what hardware is, and see the real thing, not the brand hardware judgment method, only one handle is heavier, the better, the accessories are also.

Fifth: screen window
Screen invisible ordinary screen window is fiber mesh or nylon mesh, the price depends on the thickness of the material, the quality of wide mesh and the quality of hardware, which should also be asked suppliers of aluminium doors and windows.

Finally, foaming agent and sealant are included in the price, but the level of use is different. Some are domestic general, some are domestic brand environmental protection type, and you can choose the appropriate suppliers of aluminium doors and windows according to your needs.

All of the above is suppliers of aluminium doors and windows. Products made of a combination of various materials can be purchased by any suppliers of aluminium doors and windows. It is very important to know whether they are profile brands or door and window brands.



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