Industrial aluminum extrusions is an extensive field which cover those aluminum profiles used for heatsink, mechanical parts, scaffold etc. This kind of aluminum extrusions have specially requirement generally, we have professional engineer and skilled staff to meet the customers’ demand. Meanwhile, we also have CNC, Punching machines to make fabricated process.


Printing knowledge that must be known

1. Printing is divided into offset, flexo, silk screen, gravure printing.

2, What is generous paper, positive paper, special paper? The large paper refers to the size of 1194 * 889 paper, the positive degree is 1092 * 787, the special paper refers to special specifications of the paper, the general paper mills Cut the paper into a large degree of positiveness, or cut into special specifications according to the customer's needs. In addition, the brightness of the printing factory after the light side is generally 1190 * 880, the positive degree is 1090 * 780. If the design is wrong or require special layout must be greeted in advance with the factory, otherwise, it will be opened according to the size. 3. What is a spot color and what is a four-color? Spot color refers to a specific color. When a spot color is printed, it is not a color synthesized by printing four colors of C, M, Y, and K, but a type of color is used exclusively by specific ink to print the color. Spot color inks are pre-mixed by the printing house or produced by the ink factory. For each spot color of a print, there is a special color version corresponding to the print. Use spot colors to make colors more accurate. Such as: special funds, special silver, and so on. Four colors refer to CMYK mode printing colors. 4, how to do a large area of black: a large area of black is best to pad a 30-40 blue color, or a similar 30-40 dark color can also be because in theory, black pressure any color is equal to black. The goal is to prevent printing from being dark enough and appearing white spots. 5. Resolution for printing: generally 300 DPI. Of course, the higher the clarity. 6, what is bleeding: This is actually very simple, but there are still many people do not know what it means, the purpose of bleeding is to ensure accurate die cutting, ordinary paper is generally 3mm, corrugated generally 5-7mm. Due to mistakes in design and imposition, bleeding can be less, but must be more than 1.5mm. 7, the minimum size of hot stamping silver: generally guaranteed to be 0.3mm, good technology can be between 0.1-0.2. Huaisheng Packaging focuses on printing for 22 years and is a one-stop printing service enterprise before, after printing and after printing. The company has a first-class professional design team, advanced imported printing equipment, providing a full range of marketing materials, personalized custom services.



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