When installing doors and windows, many owners will choose aluminum alloy doors and windows. At present, aluminum alloy doors and windows are widely used in the building materials market. As a consumer, we must master certain purchasing skills, in order to choose the right suppliers of aluminium doors and windows, buy good quality, long service life of door and window products. Therefore, we can identify the quality of aluminum alloy doors and windows from the following aspects. We can refer to some methods listed below when purchasing.

1. Look at the material
Aluminum alloy window mainly uses three kinds of materials: aluminum profile, glass and hardware. The wall thickness of aluminum profile used for high-quality aluminum alloy window should be no less than 1.2mm, and the thickness of oxide film should be 10 μ m; tempered glass is better than ordinary glass; stainless steel hardware accessories (such as screws, hinges, handles, etc.) are better than aluminum parts.

2. Look at the surface quality
The surface quality of doors and windows directly affects the decoration effect of the whole wall after installation. When checking the surface quality of doors and windows, attention should be paid to the following aspects:
A. The protective film on the surface of doors and windows shall not have scratch marks;
B. There should be no obvious color difference on the surface of adjacent components on doors and windows;
C. There should be no aluminum chips, burrs, oil spots or other stains on the surface of doors and windows, and there should be no adhesive overflow at the assembly joint.

3. Look at the surface color
The color of toxic aluminum alloy doors and windows is white. Although white, it gives people an intuitive feeling of Stupid, that is, it is dark or blue in white, with a strong sense of smoothness. After using for a period of time, it gradually turns gray black due to sulfur and sulfide pollution in the atmosphere. Therefore, the non-toxic aluminum alloy doors and windows produced by regular suppliers of aluminium doors and windows are pure in color, like ivory white, bright and clean, crystal clear and soft, and have the feeling of penetrating into the interior, and will not appear gray black due to sulfur and sulfide pollution in the atmosphere.

4. Look at the seal
The contact between the sealing strip of aluminum alloy doors and windows and glass and the glass groove shall be flat, without edge curling and groove shedding. When the door and window are half closed, there is no obvious crack between the fan and the frame, and the sealing strip on the sealing surface shall be in the contraction shape.

5. Performance
The performance of aluminum alloy window usually needs to consider the following aspects: the strength is reflected in whether the material selection of aluminum alloy window can withstand ultra-high pressure; the air tightness is mainly reflected in whether the structure of the inner window and outer frame is tight; the water tightness mainly tests whether there is water accumulation and leakage in the aluminum alloy window; The sound insulation mainly depends on the sound insulation effect of insulating glass and the durability of other window accessories, such as the opening and closing force, the durability of opening and closing, etc. Generally speaking, the aluminum alloy doors and windows provided by suppliers of aluminium doors and windows with guaranteed quality have excellent performance.

6. Look at the guide rail and pulley
The guide rail of sliding doors and windows must be smooth and smooth, and keep good contact with the sliding fan, so as to avoid vibration, dislocation and looseness in the process of pushing and pulling; the pulley shall be of high quality, bearing no fragmentation, stable rolling, and no noise during use, so as to ensure the quiet and comfortable indoor environment.

The competition of suppliers of aluminium doors and windows is always fierce. There are various brands in the market, and the quality of materials is also very different. Therefore, we must choose carefully and cooperate with guaranteed suppliers of aluminium doors and windows to ensure the product quality.



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