With the renewal of products, china aluminum profile products with a long product cycle (some experts believe that the replacement cycle of new and old aluminum products is five years) will again usher in a five-year replacement period of new and old products, and the rapid development of china aluminum profile new products High quality china aluminum profile will have a greater development prospect, but the update speed of products will be accelerated. Therefore, in recent years, it will be a climax that traditional products will be replaced by new products. No matter the "equipment and technology of anodizing and electrophoretic coating for super long (13.5 m) aluminum and aluminum alloy profiles" of fengal Aluminum Co., Ltd., it is indicated that the climax of new product development is coming.


In recent years, with the government's efforts to rectify and standardize the market order and further play to the role of the survival of the fittest mechanism in market competition, the total amount of aluminum profile manufacturer has increased rapidly, and the internal structure has also changed significantly, and the industry has begun to mature gradually. According to statistics, the number of aluminum profile manufacturerS in China has decreased from more than 1200 in the peak period to about 650, of which about 20% of the enterprises are in a state of loss, while a large number of small aluminum profile manufacturerS with low technical level, poor quality and low grade have been gradually eliminated. At the same time, large section, large tonnage, advanced technology extrusion press began to settle in China, the surface treatment technology has also changed from the previous single color, rare varieties, low quality to the direction of multi-color, complete varieties and good quality. At present, china aluminum profile has entered the primary stage of product development, which is characterized by abundant products and improved product quality.


Aluminum processing is to produce the final products of different industries through various processes and processes such as casting, rolling, extrusion and surface treatment. Aluminum processing can be divided into deformation processing and casting processing, and deformation processing can be divided into extrusion and stretching. Products made by extrusion process are called extruded profiles, mainly including architectural profiles and industrial profiles; products made by calendering are called plates, strips and foils, mainly including various aluminum plates, strips and foils. Through casting process, the original aluminum is processed into various precision aluminum alloy die casting machines and precision sheet metal.


At present, China's china aluminum profile products are mainly profiles and strips, with aluminum profiles accounting for 53% and strips accounting for 30%. In addition, china aluminum profile has different types of alloy aluminum profiles with different components through different aluminum content; according to different proportions, aluminum profiles can be divided into 1-9 series, among which 6 series aluminum profiles (with magnesium and silicon) are relatively popular products in the market.


With the rapid development of domestic high-end manufacturing field, aluminum profiles are gradually widely used in transportation, electronic and electrical equipment, petrochemical, and automobile sectors, and the output of aluminum profile manufacturer is growing rapidly. At the same time, with the application of aluminum replacing copper and aluminum replacing steel, new products such as passenger car body panel (ABS), passenger car / commercial vehicle aluminum, aluminum alloy cable, aluminum alloy template, aluminum tray, aluminum microchannel tube, aluminum material for solar power generation and other new products will become new growth points of aluminum profile manufacturer industry. The field of transportation will be the key development direction of china aluminum profile.


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