Recycled aluminum is obtained from the remelting and refining of waste aluminum and aluminum alloy materials. Compared with the original aluminum, the energy consumption of recycled aluminum is low and the environmental impact is small. It belongs to circular economy and is supported by national industrial policies. China's renewable aluminum raw materials mainly come from three channels: old waste aluminum, new waste aluminum and imported waste aluminum. After industrial aluminum profile manufacturers processes the aluminum alloy materials that are no longer used, they are handed over to relevant departments for recycling. Under the increasingly strict domestic solid waste import management system and environmental protection policy requirements, in recent years, the import quantity of waste aluminum in China has shown a downward trend as a whole. From 2013 to 2019, the import quantity of waste aluminum in China has been reduced from 2.5 million tons to 1.38 million tons. From the perspective of the source country and region of waste aluminum import, the United States is the larger waste aluminum import country in China.

In recent years, China's renewable aluminum production enterprises have developed rapidly. At present, there are thousands of renewable aluminum production enterprises in China. industrial aluminum profile manufacturers is mainly distributed in coastal port areas, forming industrial clusters such as Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta and Bohai rim. In 2019, China's renewable aluminum industry output is 7.15 million tons, an increase of 2.88% over 2018. At present, China's renewable aluminum industry mainly has the following trends:

1. Increase the promotion of custom industrial aluminum profile for automobile aluminum

It is an important part of the development of green circular economy to produce auto parts by recycling waste aluminum. Aluminum is low cost and easy to recover. In the auto industry, recycled aluminum is mainly used for casting parts, such as making engines, shells and wheels. In recent years, the amount of recycled aluminum used in cars in China has increased year by year. custom industrial aluminum profile has become the focus of aluminum products industry, more and more customers choose to customize their own custom industrial aluminum profile.

2. The management policy for the import of waste metals is continuously promoted

The increasing attention of foreign countries to the resource of waste aluminum and the competition from other emerging countries have greatly impacted China's import of waste aluminum resources. In recent two years, a series of import management policies for waste metal can promote the development of recycled aluminum to a certain extent, and the recycling of custom industrial aluminum profile has become one of the main sources. At present, the pattern of industrial aluminum profile manufacturer in china production and operation turning to domestic waste aluminum has been preliminarily formed.

3. National support for the development of recycling economy and renewable metal industry

Renewable aluminum industry belongs to the category of renewable resources and circular economy. The sound development of industrial aluminum profile manufacturers has great economic, social and environmental value. In recent years, the state has issued a number of policy documents to vigorously support the development of circular economy and renewable metal industry. With the scale of renewable aluminum industry and the speed of equipment technology modernization, renewable aluminum is expected to replace electrolytic aluminum as the main source of aluminum consumption in China.

Although China's industrial aluminum profile manufacturer in china has developed rapidly in recent years, there is still a large gap compared with the developed countries. In 2019, China's renewable aluminum production still accounts for only 16.95% of the aluminum production, far behind the developed countries. In 2020, China's industrial aluminum profile manufacturer in china will have a broad future development space.


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