An appropriate using method ensures a long service life of products, and on the opposite, an inappropriate using method can fasten the aging of the products. Here, this article is going to talk about some methods and notes of using the break aluminum windows and doors profiles for the users.

1. When clean the break aluminum windows and doors profiles, people must neither step on the aluminum frame nor seize the frame for support.

2. Sealing top and glass glue are the keys to ensure the function of sealing, insulation and waterproof of the bridgealuminum windows and doors profiles, so if they come off, it should be timely repaired and replaced. 


3. Break aluminum windows and doors profiles can be washed with soft cloth stained with water or neutral detergent, but can not with the ordinary soap and detergent, especially, the decontamination powder, Lavatory cleanser and other strong acid and alkali cleaning agent.

4. After the rainy days, user should timely wipe out the rain beads on the glass and window frames, particular paying attention to the sliding slot. The sliding slot that have used for a long time will increase friction, so user can add a little oil or coated it with a layer of wax oil.

5. Users should often check the tightening bolts, positioning shaft, wind support, ground spring, etc., so as to timely replace damaged or vulnerable parts of aluminum windows and doors profiles. Regularly add lubricant to keep it clean and flexible.

6. Users should gently push and pull the break aluminum windows and doors profiles, and if found that it is hard to move, users should first rule out the fault. Fouling and deformation is the main reason for the difficulty of push and pull of aluminum windows and doors profiles, thus, users need to keep the door frame clean, especially the slot. Users can use the vacuum cleaner to suck fouling in the slot and the door tops.

7. Users need to often check the joint area between the break aluminum windows and doors frame and the wall. The frame can be loose and deformed due for a long using time, resulting in difficulties to close and seal. The usual check can help the loose screw in this area be immediately tightened, and the users should use the epoxy strong glue less mixing little cement to seal it.

By the way, these using methods can also offer some reference for using the other aluminum profile products, such as aluminum cabinet profile and aluminum slot profile.



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