Light pollution from the reflection of aluminum curtain walls can cause bad influence especially for drivers. At the same time, it is unhealthy for the surrounding environment. So how to deal with this situation? Authorities recommended that buildings which are built in the city should choose fully transparent or semitransparent aluminum curtain walls to decrease the light intensity. The follow tips are strategies for solving light pollution from reflection of aluminum curtain walls.

1.Avoiding the mirror glass.
To decrease the bad influence for transportation, the aluminum curtain walls which are built beside the ways should not be mirror glass.

2.Avoiding the bent glass.
The concave aluminum curtain walls can make strong spotlight. The spotlight creates high temperature. So it is dangerous to use concave aluminum curtain walls especially on the outermost shell. Bulgy aluminum curtain walls can scatter light and makes passers-by feel dizziness. Overall, avoid using bent glass.

3.Choose the common aluminum curtains walls glass.
Glass is very important for LED curtain walls. So when choosing curtain walls glass, we should choose the kind of glass which has a lower dazzle light performance according to its parameter. aluminum curtain walls glass which is built in city has a lot of parameters. The parameters include the reflection, transmission and assimilate of natural light. Parameters meters also showed the maximum area, weight and wind load-bearing capacity of the aluminum curtain walls glass. It is obvious that glass can reflect, absorption and transport light. So when choose aluminum curtain walls glass, we can reference the parameters, building kinds and functions. Usually, tinted glass, transparent glass, chemical glass, sandwich glass, heat-absorbing glass and coated glass can be used in aluminum curtain walls buildings. We should know both of the advantages and disadvantages of these kinds of glass.

4.Choose glass film with low reflectivity to avoid light pollution.
The PET polyester film in glass film is very tenacious, and it contains some special glues. The glass film can reduce 50 percent of the sun light radiation. At the same time, aluminum curtain walls glass film can absorb harmful light, be thermal and adjust the spectrum. It can create a comfortable and healthy environment for inside building. And it also can reduce light intensity of sunlight for the outside. Finally avoid light pollution.


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