Flaw is one of the reasons that make aluminum pipe become waste. Only a little flaw of precise will destroy a whole precise aluminum pipe. Because precise aluminum pipe has a very high cost, so it is necessary to reduce the flaw. During the non-extrusion cycle time, the production efficiency is 30 aluminum pipe can be made in one hour, if save 10 seconds per non-extrusion cycle time, then 2 hours of producing can be added in to produce time per day. 2 hours of producing time mean 8 percent additional output. 8 percent additional out put is equal to save 8 percent costs.

Using multihole mould can make a 200 percent even 300 percent increases in producing speed. So the economic benefit is higher than normal. Using modern precise aluminum pipe tractor is beneficial for controlling the length of precise aluminum pipe. When aluminum pipe is long enough, aluminum pipes tractor has the function that can stop extrusion precisely. This is just like the way of saving non-extrusion cycle time. Because of the length of aluminum pipe is very standard, so it needs no fix and additional time to promote the aluminum pipe. That wastes no time and material, so it saves a lot of cost. The most important time after aluminum pipe has been extruded is reducing waste. Reducing waste can improve output and shipment. Then can serve more products to consumers. It cost a lot to produce waste after aluminum pipe has been extruded, so every process after extrusion is important. To reduce waste, aluminum pipe should be cut in the stop mark.

Only two kinds of technologies can cut aluminum pipe on stop mark - flying-saw cutting and two long systems. Flying-saw cutting means cut aluminum pipe during the extrusion process. Using flying-saw can ensure that aluminum pipe is cut on the stop mark. The two length system means after second aluminum pipe has been extruded then cut the first aluminum pipe. Each of these two technologies has advantages. Two length system can serve two extrusion time of forced air cooling. This is more beneficial for building aluminum pipe. But flying-saw cutting is cheaper, and it supports the process that one aluminum pipe be cut many times. Any movement when aluminum pipe is on the transportation may hurt the aluminum pipe. So it is also important to fix aluminum pipe on transportation conveyer belt.



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