As a factor in the cause of waste, even a small defect on the precision aluminum pipe will destroy the entire length of sawing precision aluminum pipe. Due to the high added value of precision aluminum pipe, aluminum extrusion manufacturers should make every effort to reduce the precision aluminum pipe defects.lainlv.jpg

Non-Extruded Cycle Time - Assuming that the precision aluminum pipe extruder produces 30 aluminum rods per hour, each non-extruded cycle saves 10 seconds, and then an additional 2 hours of extrusion time can be added per day which means a 2 hour production makes 8% of the output more, and which is equivalent to a 8% conversion costs reduction on each kilogram profiles. Extrusion speed –compared to extrusion manufacturers’ own mold, if the precision aluminum pipe mold purchasing from others can achieve a faster extrusion speed, a moderate number of orders can make up for the additional costs incurred the purchase of molds. For example, assuming a normal cost is 2,860.00 yuan / hour, and the additional cost in purchase of high-tech mold is 10,000.00 yuan, as long as the extrusion speed increases by 50%, the basic production efficiency can achieve 800 kg / hour so that a less than 10-tonf orders can make up for the additional cost of the mold.

A porous mold is able to make an increase of 200% (2-hole mold) or even 300% (3-hole mold) at the extrusion, making higher economic benefits. One of the biggest benefits of modern precision aluminum pipe tractors is that when the precision aluminum pipe reaches the correct extrusion length, the tractor can stop automatically the extrusion of the extruder. This is similar to the non-extrusion cycle, but since the extruded precision aluminum pipe is just the desired length, there is no waste caused by additional extrusion time. Thus at the same time of saving more costs, the process of transport and recycling of extruded waste can be removed. After the precision aluminum pipe is extruded from the extruder, the most important goal is to reduce the amount of waste, to increase production and delivery rate so as to send more products to customers. Any waste that is produced after squeezing costs very high, so waste generation should be reduced as much as possible in subsequent processes. To minimize defects, it is necessary to achieve a saw at the parking mark (parking marks refers to in the process of non-extrusion cycle, the traces left on of the modular aluminum profile).

Only two techniques can realize the sawing at the parking mark - that is, the flying sawing and the dual-length systems. Flying sawing technology refers to the cutting process during the sawing. The flying saw cutting technology can be achieved in cutting at the parking mark after extruded out. Dual-length system is to wait until after squeezing the second profile, in the non-extrusion cycle, the first and the second sections can be cut off. Both technologies have their own advantages. The dual-length system can provide two air-cooling cycles for the extrusion, which is very benefit to the building alloys. However, the cost of the saw cutting system is low (equipment costs and plant space costs) and allows a one-bar multi-cutting mode operation without stopping the extruder. So, the later one is a better choice for the defects reduction.


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