The key to developing aluminum curtain wall and doors profiles industry should be the requirement of consumers. Every company should consider about the requirement of clients and the core of products during the development period. Only clear development path and firm goal can make a company improve constantly.
1.Aluminum companies need to increase their core-competitiveness in the transformation period.
Now, aluminum windows and doors are developing at top speed, and its market share is increasing too. However, there are also exist some problems, such like low safety factor and bad quality. The aluminum industry needs transformation immediately.
The product homogeneous is a serious problem of aluminum windows and doors profile market, the aluminum companies need to pay more on new technology, research and development work, quality guarantee, marketing strategy and brand building. While aluminum windows and doors profile companies transforming and connecting to the internet, they should also care about their products quality. In the transformation period, aluminum windows and doors profile companies need to change the marketing strategy. Transfer the key point from price to quality.
Only high quality product can pass the test of the market and finally be adapted by costumers. A successful company needs not only to fit the time, but also to increase quality of the basic work. Only the highly comprehensive strength can keep a company flourishing.
2.Trying to find the deep requirement of consumers.
In aluminum windows and doors profile industry, why consumers allow aluminum windows and doors profiles companies trying to touch other building material industries?
Because the more aluminum windows and doors profile companies get touched, the better products they produce. Because more designs can make products having a better appearance and saving materials and work.
So it is vital to know the requirement of consumers. As the young generation becoming the major consumers of aluminum windows and doors profiles market, aluminum windows and doors profiles need to have more fancy style to fit the market. Ordinary aluminum windows and doors cannot meet the need of new consumers group. 
Actually, the first step of producing aluminum windows and doors profiles is market research. Knowing what consumers want, adjusting the product when find problem, fully prepared before sell the products, these are three tips of producing aluminum windows and doors profiles. Generally, the development and design should follow the requirement of the market, keep the consumer in the most vital place.


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