For the aluminum extrusion without aging has low hardness, it can not be directly as a finished product to use. Therefore, in general, all most of aluminum extrusion must be strengthen its hardness by aging process. 
Usually, aging can be divided into natural aging and artificial aging. And here, we will talk about the latter one which is the more effective one used by most aluminum extrusion manufacturers.
So, how to improve the hardness of aluminum profile in the artificial aging? According to the practice in long-term tracking and investigation in the workshop, we have following ways for you.
Production process control
1. Ingredient temperature control: before extrusion process, test the ingot temperature to ensure it meet the requirements of the process.
2. On-line quenching process: process the aluminum extrusion with solid solution quenching which is the basic premise of aging. Without solid solution quenching, the aging is useless. Therefore, the on-line quenching process (wind quenching, wind - fog quenching, water quenching, etc.) in the extruder discharge port should be in accordance with according to the ingot grade, aluminum profile wall thickness, extrusion speed and quenching equipment, so as to ensure that the quenching cooling rate meet the quenching sensitivity of the aluminum profile.
3. Timing furnace temperature setting and control: usually, there is a certain gap between the immediate aging furnace temperature and its temperature table, so the table temperature should be in accordance with the actual temperature of the furnace, and the aging furnace temperature should also be monitored in time. 
4. Timely insulation: strictly in accordance with the requirements of aging, the insulation time should be appropriate to prevent insufficient hardness because of inappropriate aging. 
Framing and charging
1. Framing the aluminum extrusion, there should be a certain interval left between profiles. In particular, the interval for the small material and thick material need be greater. For the aluminum pipes, small materials and sheet material framing together, the aluminum pipes should be in the bottom which is conducive to the cycle of air supply in aging.
2. Before charging,separate the 6xxx series special aluminum profiles with the and ordinary 6063 aluminum profile. And if they are required in aging in one furnace, we should age them with the process of special aluminum profiles


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