For a good decoration effect, the early design is very important. Nowadays, consumers, especially young consumers, pay more and more attention to the decoration style and the embodiment of their own personality. Early-stage design costs are also a large amount of decoration expenditure. Nowadays, when selecting aluminum doors, professional aluminium door manufacturers will solve the problem of decoration design for customers according to the customer’s needs. So how can you choose an aluminum door in life?


First of all, check the information of the suppliers of aluminium doors and windows to see whether it a qualified one by checking the background information such as the product certificate, specification, technical condition, execution standard, and production license number. This step is very important but very necessary because sometimes the aluminium door manufacturers mean so much when choosing an aluminium door in life. Second of all, carefully examine the surface of the aluminium door, the aluminium door should be of bright color, good gloss, and surface without the obvious scratch, bubbles and other defects. At the same time, pay attention to the thickness of coating on the surface of the aluminium door, the film thickness of anodized aluminium door is not less than 10 μ m, the film thickness of electrophoretic coating aluminium door is not less than 17 μ m, the thickness of powder sprayed coating is no more than 40-120 μ m, the coating thickness of fluorocarbon paint spraying product should be more than two coating, not less than 30 μ m. The last but not the least, you must pay attention to the thickness of the aluminium door, which should not be less than 1.2 mm.

All in all, unqualified aluminium door, due to the impact of air, rain and so on, will cause deformation of the aluminum door. The poor quality aluminum door is not only a so-called tofu Zha project but also endanger our safety. Therefore, we must find reliable suppliers of aluminium doors and windows.


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