As a new type material, aluminum cable with a good monument is favoring a large number of consumers. It has become needs in building a resource-saving society, in cost-saving of marketing construction, and in technological progress. Looking at the developing trend in the market recently, some customers with mass demand for cable have shifted their choice to aluminum cable. With the popularity of Aluminum cable technology and products in domestic, the production technology, product quality and comprehensive ability can be shown and differ in Chinese aluminum manufactures, as the brand consciousness is gradually mature. The high-quality aluminum cable brands are attracting those high-end users that encourage not only innovation but also pay attention to the cost. And certainly, they are of a strong comprehensive ability. The high-end users in the industry like to pursuit quality and perfect connection in applications. What’s more, they fully affirm and agree with the necessity to succeed the mature and standardized application experience in handling consistence between aluminum cable and aluminum terminal connection.

On the rational stage, the market development keeps in a fair sense. In term of the current trends, you can see those high-end users who really understand the value and advantages of aluminum cable will choose the real professional high-end brands with a full set of technical products as priority. Because of the relatively poor technical ability, the mid-end users have the consciousness of the quality pursuit, but they are lack of knowledge for the real application of aluminum cable, and vulnerable to misleading from the so-called professional company. They are usually hesitant in the brand selection, and it is difficult to really get selected and used high end aluminum cable products. Low-end users basically have no real technical capacity, and poor quality awareness. The only thing they cared about is low cost so that they are easy to fall into the trap of shoddy products, causing the proliferation of shoddy products on the market.

      Therefore, a comprehensive understanding for the aluminum profile and aluminum cable profile is an urgent task for aluminum users, both aluminum manufacturers and aluminum consumers.

(The details are presented in the part 2.)



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