1. Needs in submarine silencing and missile destroyer noise reduction

    Sound-absorbing box composed of sound absorption board made of foam aluminum profile and the back cavity installed in the submarine engine room can reduce noise more than 20 decibels, which is conducive to manufacture the silent submarines.

Missile destroyers and other ships also need to use foam aluminum sound absorption board on the engine room for noise reduction and make partition walls.

2. Needs in the production of composite armor

The new composite armor consists of ceramic pieces, foam aluminum profile and aramid fiberboard. 20mm thick aluminum foam material is set in the middle or inner layer, because of the foam aluminum profile’s energy absorption, so as to disperse the effect of armor-piercing and armor bombs to prevent entering inside further.

3. Needs in the production of vehicles’ anti-mine floor

Tanks, armored vehicles, heavy trucks and others with V-type bottom, has the armor plate in the external, the foam aluminum board in the middle, and aramid fiberboard or steel in the inner for anti-landmines.

Foam Aluminum Profile.jpg

4. Needs in military command vehicles and command post

With function of shielding electromagnetic wave, foam aluminum profile is able to shield more than 90 decibels which is used in the production of lining in military command vehicles and the command for confidential information.

5. Needs in the anti-riot vehicles

Produced with foam aluminum profile in composite armor, anti-riot vehicle’s weight can be reduced by more than one-third.

6. Needs in military air dropped box

At present, China's military air drop box is made by the United States Harding technology and the internal energy absorption damping material is the high-density plastic foam. The foam aluminum profiles as the internal energy absorption damping materials increase by more than 10 times energy absorption capacity. That is, the safety of ammunition has increased by more than 10 times.

7. Needs in ship explosion-proof deck

Ship deck with armor plate, foam aluminum and steel composite structure has increased more than 2 times strength deck, the same as the anti-blast and bullet-proof capacity.


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