1. Needs in sound absorption lining of subway station

the top and side wall of produce subway station using sound-absorbing panels made of the perforated foam aluminum has 10mm thickness and the 20mm-thick cavity behind. Even in the wet environment around subway station, it still maintains a good noise reduction effect that is doubled the effect or other noise-absorbing material.

2. Needs in the noise screen in high-speed railway

The sound barrier in high-speed railway made of perforated foam aluminum profile in the inside can isolate sound to achieve efficient noise reduction effect. If foam aluminum profile is wet after the rain, the noise reduction function does not reduce. And it also has the function of energy absorption and shock vibration, and after the train goes through the vibration, the rivets will not loose containing long-term security.

3. Needs in the ordinary train floor

Ordinary train foam-aluminum floor is made of the 1mm aluminum plate, 15 - 20mm foam aluminum and 1mm aluminum sandwich panels. The foam aluminum’s density is about 0.5g / cm³ with excellent function of sound insulation and vibration reduction; no combustion and good fire-resistance performance; 20Mpa or more bending-resistant strength; 30 years or more service life; light weight about 1/2 of the weight of the wooden board.

4. Needs in the high-speed train floor

The foam aluminum floor can reduce more than 20 decibel noise, reduce vibration by an order of magnitude, and has fire resistance, corrosion resistance, about 20Mpa bending strength, no collapse, service life up to 30 years.

5. Needs in the train door sandwich

The foam aluminum profile used as the door sandwich material has excellent functions of sound insulation, vibrate isolation, heat insulation.

6. Needs in compartment lining

The subway compartments made of 20mm thick foam aluminum profile, which can reduce noise by more than 20 decibels. The compartment liner of long-line train, high-speed train, subway train with 20mm foam aluminum, 20mm polyurethane foam composite board, has excellent dual capacity noise and heat insulation.

7. Needs in partition wall in passenger compartment

The passenger compartment made of foam aluminum profile with good sound insulation function spread the same intensity to every direction not to produce birds sound.

8. Needs in the electrical cabinet

Generators, motors, inverters, central air conditioning and other noise and electromagnetic equipment, electrical appliances made of foam aluminum profile can reduce more than 20 decibel noise, and the electromagnetic waves Shield more than 90 decibel.

9. Needs in the subway tunnel ventilation muffler

The suction grille made of the foam aluminum can effectively reduce the tunnel ventilation noise.


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