1. The car bumper

Made of foam aluminum profile as the sandwich, the car bumper has the function of resistance to kinetic energy. The foam aluminum profile’s core thickness is generally 20mm and the density is 0.6g / cm³. This bumper represents the general trend of the world, which has been used in Audi A8, and the BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Honda and other companies are also developing this application.

2. The car

Made of foam aluminum profile as the sandwich, the car floor, spacing, door sandwich, etc, are able to isolate noise and vibration.

3. The limousine

Made of foam aluminum profile as the sandwich, the limousine’s floor, lining and doors can have the effects of sound insulation, vibration isolation, and it also has light weight, heat preservation, corrosion resistance, long service life, no combustion and good fireproof performance.

4. The muffler

For the buses and car muffler, the sound absorption board made of the foam aluminum profiles after, refractory treatment, can be applied at tail gas temperature of 500 - 600℃.

5. The automotive body

The foam automotive body is filled with the foam aluminum profile, its stiffness is increased by more than 2 times, and the anti-collision is increased more than 3 times.

6. The vehicle ceiling

The ceiling is formed from the sandwich made of aluminum, aluminum foam, and aluminum. The aluminum plate is about 2mm thick, its stiffness is 7 times the steel ceiling, and the weight is reduced more than 50%.

7. The commercial car floor and body

Made of sandwich of 10mm thick foam aluminum, the commercial car floor and body, compared with the weight of the steel, reduce more than 50% weight, is more than 3 times the strength, and has corrosion resistance.


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