1. For testing the aluminum extrusion die with high density teeth and tongue ratio, the first aluminum rod must be 150-200mm short aluminum rods or pure aluminum rods.

2. Before testing, you need to adjust the extrusion center of the aluminum extrusion machine, so as to keep the extrusion shaft, ingot canister and the discharge outlet die seat in a center line.

3. In the test mode and the normal production process, aluminum rod should be ensured to be heated temperature of 480-520 ℃.

4. Die heating temperature of aluminum profile according to the conventional die temperature, should be controlled at 480 ℃ or so. If the plat die’s diameter is less than 200mm, the heat preservation shall be held more than 2 hours, and if it is porthole die, it should be more than 3 hours; if the diameter is longer than 200mm, the die heat preservation should be 4-6 hours to ensure the uniformity of the core die temperature and external temperature.

5. During the test die or before production, you must use a clear cylinder pad to clean up the drum barrel, and see whether the empty extruder operates in normal.

6. When in die trying or in the start of production, the extruder automatically shut down, and each switch was set to zero. Add the pressure from the minimum pressure slowly, and it cost about 3-5 minutes in discharge. In the filling aluminum process, the main task is to control pressure well. Pressure should be controlled within 100Kg / cm ², the ammeter data should be 2-3A or less. Generally the 80-120Kg / cm ² pressures can make discharge, and then slowly accelerate. For the normal production, the extrusion pressure should be less than 120Kg / cm ².

7. In the die testing or production process of aluminum extrusion profile, if it encounters phenomenon, such as blocking, teeth offset, large speed deviation, and you should turn off the machine immediately, and unload the die in points to avoid die scrapped.

8. In die testing or aluminum profile production process, the outlet must be smooth, and the pad or fixture should be adjusted according to the discharge condition. You need to observe at any time so that the abnormal situation can be managed immediately.

9. In straightening process, you must carefully check the change before and after, and operate it correctly in moderate pressure, ensuring product quality strictly.

10. In accordance with the requirement on aluminum production plan to fix the reasonable length, and when sawing, the sawtooth should not be feed too fast to avoid injury to the end. The end must be clamped, and the flash and burr should be also removed.

11. Loading the Aluminum profile in frame should be in standardized, including the pad to be placed reasonable to avoid damaging profiles.

12. Aging temperature of Aluminum profile should be controlled at 190 ± 5 ℃, with 2.5-4 hours heat preservation should be air-cooled after baked.


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