Aluminum t slot extrusion profiles is also known as T-groove assembly platform, cast iron T-groove platform, T-groove welding platform, T-groove riveting welding platform. It is a cast iron basic working platform used for product assembly, assembly, welding, assembly welding, riveting welding and assembly. The purpose is to facilitate product assembly, welding, riveting and production, and ensure the accuracy, flatness, angle and straightness of finished products. aluminum t slot extrusion profiles is used to fix the workpiece and product, convenient for positioning, marking, measuring and other work. The T-groove aluminum profile system, which has been used in machine manufacturing, aluminum frames, automation industry, material handling, belt conveyor systems and machine safety and enclosure, provides high flexibility and functionality, combined with visual appeal and cleanliness of anodized surfaces. aluminum t slot extrusion profiles has many advantages. The shape of the profile creates modularity, which means it is easy to assemble and reassemble to meet changing needs. T-channel profiles also provide the ability to add connections and connection profiles to the capture side, allowing you to change the design without having to start from scratch, and to easily extend and retract the build for future modifications. The T-groove conceptual design allows for movement while maintaining safety within the T-slot. Generally speaking, we can get the following convenience by using aluminum t slot extrusion profiles when matching with relevant accessories.

1. Save time:
Because the manufacturing process is simple, it can save a lot of labor costs; especially when rework due to manufacturing errors, it can save several times the labor time than using traditional materials.

2. High manufacturing accuracy:
Because there is no thermal welding in the manufacturing process, the material has no deformation, and the assembly accuracy is high; while the traditional materials using thermal welding will inevitably produce deformation, which will affect the final assembly accuracy.

3. Gorgeous appearance:
The appearance of equipment with aluminum t slot extrusion profiles is more modern, and its unique anodic oxidation coating is more stable than the existing coating methods.

4. aluminum t slot extrusion profiles production process is simple
It only needs design, cutting / drilling and combination, while traditional materials usually go through complex processes such as design, cutting / drilling, welding, sandblasting / surface treatment, surface spraying, etc.

5. Reusable materials:
Because there is no hot welding in the whole manufacturing process, all parts can be easily disassembled, and all materials and accessories can be reused; however, due to the high cutting deformation and disassembly cost, traditional materials are rarely reused.

In recent years, in view of the small scale, low concentration and repeated construction of aluminum t slot extrusion profiles processing enterprises, my family has successively issued a number of industrial adjustment policies. The improvement of industry access threshold will control the investment scale of aluminum t slot extrusion profiles processing industry, standardize the disordered competition in the industry, and create good competition conditions for enterprises that pay attention to product quality, energy conservation and consumption reduction. With the national industrial policy, industrial structure adjustment and the improvement of consumers' requirements for product quality, the status quo of aluminum t slot extrusion profiles industry with extensive type and low added value has gradually changed. In the future, the internal integration of the industry will continue to increase. Some enterprises with low-grade product positioning and backward production technology and equipment technology will face pressure from market, capital, cost, energy consumption and technology. Some enterprises with advanced production technology, excellent quality, market-oriented, strong innovation ability and advanced management will occupy more market shares.


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