13. During the aluminum extrusion process, operators should pay attention to changes in the temperature of the hydraulic oil: When the oil temperature rises to about 45-50 ℃, the extrusion pressure will be greatly reduced, the aluminum extrusion machine will become weak, and then operators should stop and try to lower the oil temperature down, and then to boot again.

14. The tonnage of aluminum extrusion machine is 60010001650(tons), and the ingot number of a set of mold for each extrusion (a) is 100-15060-8040-80.

aluminum extrusion


15. In order to prevent gas and dirt at the blind extrusion area from flowing into the aluminum profile, and in order to protect the extrusion rod does not be damaged, the operators should limit the length of the discard, within 15-30mm thickness.

16.6063 aluminum extrusion T6 is quenched with forced air cooling, and the T5 is by natural cooling; the speed of cooling of the profile can not be less than 80 ℃/ min to below 170 ℃. 6061 aluminum extrusion is quenched with strong winds, water mist or direct water cooling, to reduce the temperature below 200 ° C in 2-3 minutes.

17. Aluminum profile in the cooling bed need to only be cooled to 50 ℃below and it can be straightened. When the profile is straightened, the straightening amount should be controlled at about 1-2%, and the straightening deformation of the thick section allows a little larger, but not more than 3%. Especially, when straighten, pay attention to protect the decorative surface, as far as possible to contact non-decorative surface with the scaffolding conveyor belt.

18. Before the fixing size of the aluminum profile, it should be clear with its length tolerance requirements. If the customer has special requirements, it should be carried out according to customer requirements; if no special requirements, the length tolerance should be controlled by +15 mm, and the total tolerance is +20 mm when delivery. After the calibration of fixing size, the length of the first profile should be tested whether meeting the requirements and it should be positive tolerance not negative one.

19. To prevent thealuminum profile from scratching, operators do not cut the profiles by stacking them. When the profiles are moving forward, there should not be aluminum scrap on the saw table.

20. When sawing, operators should apply oil lubrication on the saw blade firstly, but to prevent the oil from sticking to the aluminum surface. The saw kerf of sawed aluminum profile should be perpendicular to the axis, zero burr, flash and twist distortion. In order to have a beautiful saw kerf, the saw blade should always keep sharp, paying attention to remove aluminum scraps on the saw blad; when the blade is not sharp enough, it should be replaced in time to wear jagged or switched to new saw blade.

21. The aluminum profile after fixing size should be removed out aluminum scraps, and then framed.

22. After size fixing, the large Aluminum profile should be checked one by one, and the small and medium material should be checked according to the proportion of 10%. The checking content is flatness, bending degree, twist degree, shell nosing and surface quality.

23. After size fixing and quality checking, each aluminum profile needs two workers to gently carry into the material box, carefully placing neatly, and avoiding collision and friction. When framing, the workers should wear clean yarn gloves which absolutely can not have oil, water and other dirt; the long material and heavy material should be placed in the bottom layer, and the short material and light material in the upper layer.

24. After finishing placing for each layer, according to the length of aluminum profile and its degree of self-weight, there should be put 4-8 cross bar on it, and then put the next layer of aluminum. It do not allow placing in vertical bending and stacking.

25. All solid aluminum profiles that can not be ventilated in the longitudinal direction should be separated by a small square pipe divider with ventilation holes for efficient ventilation and heat transfer.

26. The top layer of the aluminum profile is lower than the plane of the frame to prevent crushing the profile.



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