industrial aluminum profile can also be called industrial aluminum alloy profile, the material used is 6063-T5, the hardness of 8 ° to 13 ° is qualified, and the surface needs anodizing treatment. The commonly used colors are silver white and black, and other colors and styles can be customized according to requirements. In terms of the national standard profile, U-shaped profile has a higher market share than the national standard profile, including the national standard profile and the European standard profile. Non-standard industrial aluminum profile, generally need industrial aluminum profiles factory to cooperate with die customization, most of this profile adopts extrusion process. It is also used in many industries, such as mechanical structural parts, heat dissipation of lamps and lanterns, electronic heat dissipation, various aluminum shells, automobile accessories, various hardware parts, etc. For example, we take subway, train, ship door, we see in the coach, train luggage rack, etc., are inseparable from industrial aluminum profile. And like our furniture edge, mechanical guide rail, LED lighting materials will also use industrial aluminum profiles. According to different requirements, their specifications, material thickness and appearance are also different. Now many appliances will have radiator accessories, before the radiator raw materials, mostly plastic and metal. Due to the defects of electrical appliances and plastic, they are not easy to be replaced due to high temperature. The metal radiator is too high in terms of cost, which directly leads to the sales price of electrical products. Now replaced by industrial aluminum profile, light weight, no soil absorption, fast cooling advantages, let it by a variety of electrical manufacturers like.

industrial aluminum profile is divided into national standard industrial aluminum profiles and European standard industrial aluminum profiles by industrial aluminum profiles factory. The main difference between these two types of aluminum profiles is the different notch shape, so the aluminum profile accessories used are also different. The application of European standard aluminum profile is earlier than that of national standard aluminum profile, so the use of European standard aluminum profile is more, and the price is lower than that of national standard aluminum profile. Most industrial aluminum profiles factory recommend the former.

Industrial aluminum profiles do not need to be welded, and aluminum profile accessories are used for connection. The aluminum profile accessories used in industrial aluminum profiles should not only consider whether they are national or European standards, but also consider the groove width.

In fact, it is not only the groove width of industrial aluminum profile is different, but also the groove width of aluminum profile for doors and windows and architectural aluminum profiles. According to the groove width, industrial aluminum profiles can be divided into 4 series, 6 series, 8 series, 10 series and so on. So why is the groove width of industrial aluminum profile different?

One is aesthetics. industrial aluminum profile is rising from Europe. That’s the reason why so many industrial aluminum profiles factory want to use it. At the beginning of design, we found that if the aluminum profile with small section has small notch, the overall proportion will be harmonious and beautiful. For example, the groove width of European standard 2020 aluminum profile is 6.2mm, and that of European standard 4040 aluminum profile is 8.2mm. Second, load-bearing. If it is industrial aluminum profile with large cross-section, the notch needs to be larger, so that the aluminum profile accessories meeting the load-bearing requirements can be installed. If the groove of aluminum profile with large cross-section should be small, the size of industrial aluminum profile accessories installed will be smaller. Because the aluminum profile accessories are selected according to the aluminum profile specification and groove width, if used in combination, the aluminum profile accessories will not be able to bear the type of industrial aluminum profile, resulting in fracture and affecting the later use. However, if the aluminum profile with small cross-section is equipped with large notch, whether it is price or load-bearing, it will cause waste of industrial aluminum profile accessories.


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