It is the nature of businessmen to pursue profits, and door aluminium profiles suppliers is no exception. Whether the products of door aluminium profiles enterprises can make door aluminium profiles suppliers make money is the fundamental to retain dealers. Nowadays, the most common words in the public mouth are property market, price, safety, environmental protection, etc. these keywords also have a certain guiding and enlightening role for the development of door aluminium profiles franchise enterprises. At present, the housing demand continues to rise, and the property market sales are still hot, which brings development opportunities to the downstream door aluminium profiles suppliers of real estate.

Door and window investment has become the main marketing mode of door aluminium profiles industry. With the further increase of the national real estate policy regulation, the enterprise cost is increasing, the stronger enterprises start to optimize and upgrade, the weak enterprises are eliminated; the big brand selects the dealer, and the dealer changes the license. custom door aluminium profiles investment pattern is also gradually changing.

When it comes to door aluminium profiles suppliers's door and window investment promotion mode, the traditional rapid investment promotion methods include the recommendation of investment, the organization of door and window Investment Fair, the development of lower level distributors into distributors, the transformation of existing sales personnel into distributors, and the development of dealers through professional industry exhibitions.

At present, due to the increasingly fierce competition, there are some new modes of cooperation between door aluminium profiles enterprises and door aluminium profiles suppliers. At present, many door aluminium profiles enterprises have begun to focus on the dealers in other Pan home furnishing industry to help them realize the diversified operation of inter-bank operation and custom door aluminium profiles franchise.

The diversified business model can not only expand the product line, provide new profit growth point for dealers, but also realize the complementary advantages of products and resources, and enhance the strength of enterprises. It is a better way to ensure that the strong brand in the Pan home field is constantly strong. From this point of view, cross bank diversification is the inevitable trend of Pan home industry development.

So, how to attract dealers in Pan household industry to operate aluminum alloy doors and windows across the industry?

If door aluminium profiles enterprises want to let distributors operate custom door aluminium profiles across banks, first of all, they should strengthen their internal skills and give them "intelligent benefits" so as to gain the trust of dealers; secondly, they should help dealers analyze the development trend of the industry and market and solve their development problems; Thirdly, it is necessary to help dealers train business personnel, because inter bank operation is not an overnight thing. Before joining custom door aluminium profiles, personnel in other industries need to have a deep understanding of custom door aluminium profiles products, which requires door aluminium profiles enterprises to strengthen the training of aluminum alloy doors and windows franchisees. Finally, we should use the existing resources of door aluminium profiles enterprises to help door aluminium profiles suppliers obtain the maximum benefits.
Among them, linkedalu has also had some cooperation projects with other enterprises, the most representative of which is the Coyhaique project located in Santiago Chile. From material selection to process flow to service customization, it is no doubt that we are all operated by linkedalu. We believe that in the coming days, more and more cooperation projects will be born.


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