Since 2015, the aluminum industry has a tough developing, it was hit the six-year lowest price. However, since January 2016, the price of aluminum going up slowly. Due to the natural law of gravity, the commodity stocks upturn its fainthearted. The price is a mirror of economy.


Aluminum is the second most widely used metal after steel, it is widely used in so many fields, meanwhile, its lightness, easy to be machining, it can be recycled easily compared with steel makes a lot of investors have a special liking for aluminum.


China's aluminum industry is very important in the world, there are many huge aluminum mines that under controlled by Chalco. Every year, millions tons of outputs to overseas or domestic market. Furthermore, there are thousands of manufacturers of aluminum profiles which are for windows or doors, curtain walls, industrial or decorative. Due to every regions and countries have their own style, those aluminum exturisons are customed. Linkedalu Metal is one of manufacture in China too, its slogan"Linkedalu Metal, connect to the world".


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